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Whey Protein as a Prevention and Treatment Option for Obesity and Cardiovascular-Metabolic Diseases


The World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled human obesity a world-wide epidemic (Giskes, van, Avendano-Pabon, & Brug, 2011; Pimentel, Arimura, de Moura, Silva, & de Sousa, 2010). In the last couple of decades, America alone has seen prevalence rates of obesity almost double from 12.8% to 22.5% (Kuczmarski, Flegal, Campbell, & Johnson, 1994; Mokdad et al., 1999). It is now common...

Weight-Loss Incentives That Work Better Than Cash


You may have read about Dubai offering their citizens gold for every kilogram of weight they lost. While this is a nice incentive to lose weight – for sure – this isn’t an option for everyone. We’re going to go over some other incentives to shed the pounds and get healthy. If you’re still not convinced that losing weight is important after reading, no one’s...

How to Transform Your Morning Walk Into a Perfect Weight Management Routine


Are you getting increasingly worried about your weight? Getting more and more desperate to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape? But all those magic weight loss products are turning out to be nothing but rip-offs? And taking out time for the exercise or low calorie diet preparation sounds next to impossible because of your hectic schedule? And you hardly find any energy in your system...

Stress Hormones and Weight Gain – Why Changing Your Life Is the Only Way to Get Healthy


Want to lose weight? Get into better shape? Feel energetic and healthy and full of vitality? The solution is not another diet or training program. Rather it is to combat your stress levels and your energy levels. Pretty much everything that isn’t right in your life can be boiled down to these two things and once you start to combat them both, you’ll find that life starts improving...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Loss and Body Transformations


If you’re someone who is interested in getting into shape, then you will likely have made attempts at starting a training regime or a new diet. If you are like 80% of the general population though, then you will have found that sticking to these new programs is something of a challenge and you end up quitting your new regime and reverting back to your old habits. In other words then, if you...

How to Stop Cravings


Everyone has an obsession. Be it sex, food, love, liquor, gambling, religion. You name it… everyone has one craving that is out of control. And there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s how we humans are built. However, when this one vices leads to another, and another, that’s when things well and truly get out of control. Of course, we all have our preferences that we stick...

Review: Should You Use MyFitnessPal to Track Calories?


If you’re looking for some help losing weight, building muscle or otherwise changing your fitness, you should try checking out the app store on your mobile device! Both the iTunes App Store and Google Play are packed with fitness apps and many of these can be very helpful in aiding with your workouts. And one of the very best examples on the market is MyFitnessPal. This is a tool that is...

How to Use Pokémon Go to Work Out and Lose Weight!


Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it was first released and really did become something of a cultural phenomenon in a very short amount of time. And it’s easy to see why: Pokémon Go managed to effectively marry a beloved childhood TV show/computer game with a very addictive gameplay and put it on mobile. Combine this with some rather innovative use of AR and some clear social sharing...

3 Ways to Lose Weight While Watching Television


Good news for couch potatoes! You don’t have to give up watching your favorite programs to lose weight and get into shape. You just have to get off the couch while you’re watching. Exercising while watching TV has many benefits. You save time, because you are doing two things at once that you would otherwise do separately. You save money because you don’t need expensive equipment or gym...

Why Are You Overweight?


For some people, losing weight seems to be almost impossible. They do everything right, whether it’s their diet, their exercise or anything else, and yet try as they might, they just can’t shift the pounds. I’ve encountered people like this and tried to help them out with training programs. At first, I normally assume they’re eating loads of garbage, or they’re just not putting in the time down...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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