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Is a Calorie Always a Calorie? What Else Matters for Losing Weight


Look around the web for information on dieting and nutrition and you’re likely to come across a lot of conflicting advice and even conflicting studies. In fact you’ll probably stumble onto a fair few vicious debates as well, where strangers angrily defend their points of view with long lists of references and a few choice words. It’s a battleground out there! One of the biggest...

Why Nutrient-Dense Foods Might be the Secret to a Successful Weight Loss Diet


Want to lose weight without starving yourself? Want to be able to eat as much as you want without getting fat? Tired of trying to stick to strict diets that leave no room for movement and have you constantly starving and pining after tastier snacks? Perhaps you’re coming at this from the wrong angle… Maybe instead of trying to force yourself to eat less than you feel like you want, the...

How to Lose Weight by Restricting Calories


When it comes to losing weight, there is only one strategy that is absolutely guaranteed to work – and that’s to calculate the number of calories you’re burning in a day and then eat less than that number. This way, you maintain a ‘calorie deficit’ which forces your body to burn fat for energy. If you keep this up, eventually you’ll see the fat fade away and...

Why You Should Never Get Fat


The title of this article might leave you thinking that what I’m about to say will be completely moot. After all, nobody ‘sets out’ to get fat and as such a diatribe convincing you not to try and put on weight would probably be a waste of time. Except, while very few people actually set out to try and gain weight, it is nevertheless quite common to simply treat weight gain as...

Body Wraps for Weight Loss – Do They Really Work?


There are enough health scams and phony products available for weight loss and every other ‘health benefit’ to pretty much fill up the internet if you were to list them all in one place. From the reasonable to the completely ridiculous… everywhere you look it seems there’s a new fad diet, herbal remedy or fitness trend that’s completely un-backed by scientific evidence and...

Why Bad Sleep Leads to Weight Gain


Want to lose weight and improve your physique? Then go to bed! That might sound like a rather conveniently easy piece of advice, but in fact it’s one of the most effective things you can do. Going to sleep will help you to lose weight in a number of ways and if you’re currently struggling to make any headway with your dieting and exercising then it may in fact be a lack of sleep...

Eat to Get Thinner! The Top 10 Fat-Burning Foods


The idea that eating can help you actually lose weight is one that seems impossible while at the same time being very alluring. Most of us are of the belief that in order to burn fat and slim down, we need to cut back on what we’re eating and certainly stop eating those things that we actually enjoy chowing down on. This way we can restrict our calories and thus ensure we’re...

This Simple Diet Trick Will Make All the Difference to Your Progress


Fad diets, hacks and other diet strategies that attempt to cut corners and give us miraculous results overnight are unfortunately all destined for failure. These types of diets will invariably result in disappointment and possibly even ill health. By this point, most of us have learned this the hard way. You’ll be pleased to know then, that this advice is none of those things. Rather, this is a...

List of Foods That Decrease Your Body Fat Percentage


If you want to burn fat then normally you will probably start by cutting things out of your diet. By eating less you can thereby reduce the number of calories you take in and thus the amount of energy that is left over to get stored as fat at the end of the day. Only stopping eating is no fun. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight by eating more? It might sound absurd, but actually...

How to Get Fat Fast


Few people want to get fat, and in fact I’d go as far to say that this group of people is limited entirely to actors who are preparing for the role of Santa Clause (and even then they have a fat suit). So what’s the point of an article on how to get fat fast? Well as a warning of course – if you did want to get fat really quickly then these would be the things you would do, so by...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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