How to Use Niacin to Detox


When it comes to improving your health, it can be tempting to look for quick fixes. We love the idea of detoxing because it suggests that we can get some kind of ‘fresh start’ on our health and start again from scratch, undoing anything negative we may have put our health through. But this is unfortunately the wrong way to approach our health and indeed the wrong way to approach most things that...

Is There Such Thing as Detoxing?


When reading reviews of fad diets, you’ll often find that people who know a thing or two about the subject don’t rate them very highly. They’re called ‘fads’ for a reason and most ‘detoxes’ are difficult to stick to and likely to lead to rapid weight gain as soon as you finish them. But that’s not the only thing that is wrong with all the various products and regimes that claim to offer a ‘detox’...

The Pros and Cons of Fasting


People fast for many different reasons. Sometimes the fasting is a religious thing and often a way to demonstrate your devotion or to make a sacrifice. In other situations it is used as a way to make a peaceful protest or a statement and fasting is often used to fight for certain causes. In the final camp are those who use fasting for what they believe to be the health benefits that it can...

Natural Colon Cleansing Foods


In recent years, colon cleansing has been a topic of much discussion. There are just as many advocates as there are opponents, but most often this is in reference to taking medications or undergoing colonic irrigation. Few people dispute the importance of keeping your digestive tract cleared of undigested foods and built up fecal matter, it is the way in which this is accomplished that is open to...

Dangers of Coffee Enema


Enema is the process of bowel emptying by passing fluids through the rectum. Various solutions are used for enema. Enema helps to promote the detoxification process. This article presents information on some of the dangers associated with coffee enema. Coffee enema is considered to dilate the bile ducts and thereby promotes the release of products that promote the breakdown of cancer products...

Jonathan Pitts