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Jewelweed Uses and Benefits


Jewelweed is popularly used to treat some mild digestive disorders as well as rashes such as those brought on by poison ivy. It has historically been used by the Native Americans and continues to be used as a folk-medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. Health Effects Despite considerable popularity, there is actually very little evidence supporting the benefits of jewelweed for digestion...

Uva Ursi


Uva Ursi is a plant with leaves that are commonly used to make medicines and that grows fruits enjoyed by bears. In fact, the Latin name ‘Uva Ursi’ literally translates as ‘bear’s grape’. Bears are certainly big and strong, so perhaps they know something we don’t about this exotic food? Health Benefits Uva Ursi is most commonly used for treating urinary tract disorders, particularly those...

Camu Camu – Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


Camu camu is a type of shrub that can be found in the swampy or flooded parts of the Amazon rain forests in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. As with pretty much all random shrubs found in rain forests, its leaves and fruits have a number of proposed medicinal properties that product manufacturers are keen to promote. Unlike many of the random herbs found in remote parts of the world though...

Uses for Peppermint Oil


Peppermint is the delicious result of a cross of spearmint and water mint that is often used as a flavor for beverages and foods along with as a perfume for cosmetics and soaps. Peppermint patties, peppermint candies, and peppermint gum are all great for freshening breath while being rather tasty. Did you know that peppermint oil is good for more than just yummy treats? • Arthritis Relief – some...

Proven Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea


Rooibos is a herb and has been popular as a tea for many generations in Southern Africa. The plant known as Aspalathus linearis is found in an area of the Western Cape province of the country but today enjoys popularity all around the world. Technically, rooibos is not a tea but is an infusion made from oxidized leaves. It is usually enjoyed hot with lemon and sugar, though it can also be enjoyed...

The Health Benefits of Valerian Root


It seems that every time you read a new article online you learn about some new herb or other with vaunted health benefits. If all the commotion is to be believed, then it would seem that there’s a natural herbal remedy for pretty much every condition imaginable and for any number of different impressive-sounding health benefits. The problem is that not all of these herbs are made equal...

Yellow Dock Root Benefits


The benefits of yellow dock root (Rumex crispus) have been understood for centuries. A perennial plant that is native to Europe and Western Asia, which later spread to North America and is now considered a common weed, yellow dock is best known for its use as a general detoxifier and in treating digestive problems. How Yellow Dock Root Aids Digestion, Reduces Oxidative Damage, and More One of the...

More Than a Seasoning: The Many Uses of Sage


You may have used sage from your garden to season your dinner, but this popular herb can do much more than taste delicious. It has been used for millennia as an ingredient in religious ceremonies and as a medicine. Today it is a popular herbal remedy, used to treat ailments ranging from menstrual cramps to cold sores. The Benefits of Sage Sage has many benefits when used on its own. It is often...

Taking Advantage of Rhodiola’s Benefits


Stress, depression and fatigue seem to be a natural part of the world today. It may be tempting to power through them with another cup of coffee, but there are other ways to cope. Nature has provided a plant that can fight these common problems and a host of other issues as well. Rhodiola is an herb that has been used in traditional Russian and European medicine for centuries. When used properly...

The Many Benefits of Loquat Leaf


If you have spent any time in China or Japan, you may have come across the Loquat tree. This medium sized tree grows to between ten and fifteen feet high and bears rich foliage. The leaves on this tree are evergreen and glossy, growing up to 12 inches long. When chewed or infused into a tea, these leaves have several benefits for your health. Read on for more information on what loquat leaf can...

Laurel Avery

Laurel Avery

Laurel Avery, DiHom, became interested in natural health and the positive effects of healthy eating after moving to Europe from her native New York. After visiting a series of conventional doctors for a minor but nagging medical complaint, all of whom had no success or interest in finding the cause of the problem, she turned to alternative medicine.

It was after a major change in eating habits from consuming the typical American diet to one involving whole, nutritious foods, as are commonly eaten in Europe, along with homeopathy and herbal remedies, that the problem was cured. She now devotes her time to helping others learn how to achieve vibrant health through their diet.

Laurel's resume, twitter: @laurelavery_, linkedin: laurel-avery-67a9736, (+31) 634 707 745