What Is Pertussis and Why Do You Need the Vaccine?


Pertussis is the scientific name for whooping cough, a respiratory infection that causes the most serious illness in infants. It was a common and sometimes fatal disease as recently as the first half of the 20th century. A pertussis vaccine was first put into use in the United States during the 1940’s, leading quickly to a decrease in the number of cases, from 156 per 100,000 people to less than...

Your Baby’s First Checkup


Your baby’s first checkup represents yet another milestone for you and your baby. You have been through the pregnancy, through the delivery and are now beginning to get to know your new little bundle of joy. If you are a first time parent, baby’s first checkup is something new and exciting. For other parents, the first checkup after birth is just a routine. Either way, making sure that your...

Apgar 101: Specifics and Scoring


Immediately after your baby is born, he or she is given a very important test. The Apgar test is given and an Apgar score administered; generally within 1 to 5 minutes after birth. This test was introduced by Dr. Virginia Apgar as a way to quickly and effectively measure the overall health of a newborn baby. The test gives doctors a general idea of how the baby is health wise and if there are...

Five Symptoms to Never Ignore


One of the most difficult things for any parent is when their child gets sick. New parents especially may panic at the first signs of illness or distress, and it is so difficult to know what your child needs. There are times when there is nothing to do except offer extra snuggles and kisses, but there are also times that call for a trip to the ER. The trick is learning which symptoms could be...

Chickenpox Lollipops and Pox Parties


As parents, we are the guardians of our children. From the first time we hold them in our arms, we make it our sole purpose in life to keep them safe from all harm. We take every precaution possible throughout their lives to ensure that they are safe and healthy, from constantly disinfecting everything to staying up all night when they are sick. But what if intentionally putting your child in...

Bed Wetting in Teenagers and Preteens


There are several reasons that preteens and teens may wet the bed. Sometimes there is something physical or psychological going on, perhaps some kind of trauma. Usually if the bed wetting starts suddenly it is because there is something happening in the teen’s life that has prompted it. There are two specific classifications of bed wetting. The first is called primary enuresis and this is a...

Toddler Stuttering Causes and Therapy


Many parents are completely baffled when they hear their toddlers stuttering and stammering when trying to communicate. It may be especially noticeable when the child is overly excited, tired or frustrated, but they may still have difficulty when speaking in a non-agitated state. This should really not give cause for alarm because approximately 5% (that’s one in 20!) of toddlers do go through a...

Toddler Bad Breath


Halitosis in adults is relatively common – we all worry about it – but toddler bad breath is much more unusual. This is probably because the most common causes of halitosis, such as gum disease and post nasal drip, are generally only seen in adults. When we notice that the breath of a child is unpleasant, it is more surprising, and often more urgent. It can be a signal of a more...

The Pros and Cons of Vaccinating Children


Vaccination issues are always the subject of a warm conversation between educated individuals and non-educated ones. It is very vital for so many people to know the importance of vaccination since it will provide a lifelong result. Every child should be vaccinated to keep them away from diseases that are popping around. Being a responsible parent included your ability to understand why you need...

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