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How a Man’s Psychological State Affects Erections and Libido


People often speak of the human body as though it were nothing but a machine, and yet arousal begins in, and depends on, the brain. Confidence, intimacy, even self-esteem, all play their part. Erections and Libido The penis contains two cylindrical chambers known as the “corpora cavernosa” that extend from the head of the penis to the pelvis. Until the later part of the 20th century...

Psychological Treatment for Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is something that many men are concerned about, though it’s actually unlikely in most cases that they are suffering from the clinical definition of premature ejaculation. While there is no completely agreed ‘cut off point’ for what doctors consider to be ‘premature ejaculation’, it is generally considered to be anything within 15 seconds of...

Symptoms of Low Testosterone and How to Combat It


Low testosterone is something that is absolutely crippling for a huge number of men around the world. According to ABC News, a shocking 24% of men suffer with this condition and when you look at the older portion of the population, that number goes up significantly. Where does this come from? A number of factors. For one, people are spending a lot more time indoors now and a lot more time out of...

Post-Micturition Dribble – How to Stop Dribbling in Your Pants After Going to the Toilet


Post-micturition dribble is the technical term for something my friends and I used to call ‘splash-back’ (though in retrospect, this was clearly a misnomer). This is the last few droplets of pee that often linger after we think we’re done in the toilet and which can then cause you to inadvertently wet your pants after you’ve pulled up the zipper. This is not only a highly uncomfortable phenomenon...

How to Avoid Swamp Crotch


Swamp crotch is a condition that’s about as unpleasant as it sounds (though fortunately does not involve alligators). Rather than being a technical medical term (you probably guessed this much), it’s rather a slang term that has become popular online for describing sweaty ball sacks. This sounds childish and humorous but as any guy knows, sweaty balls are no laughing matter. Swamp crotch doesn’t...

How to Make Your Crotch Less Smelly (For Men)


Okay, this is a little bit of an embarrassing topic but it’s also one that a lot of men are probably familiar with – even if they aren’t too keen to admit it. The issue is that a lot of guys have rather pungent crotchal regions. Now this might not be a big problem the majority of the time seeing as we aren’t dogs and we don’t go about smelling each other there, but if...

What Is a Frenuloplasty? And What to Expect


A frenuloplasty is a surgical procedure that involves a slight modification usually to the foreskin, lips or tongue. Frenuloplasty of the penis – the most common form – is similar to a circumcision but is less invasive and has a different aim and purposes. Here we will look at what a frenuloplasty is, when it’s used and what you should expect if you are getting the procedure. What Is a...

What to Expect From a Circumcision


Getting circumcised is not only something that happens to infants. If you are having problems with your foreskin or are overly prone to infection, then your doctor may still recommend a circumcision even in adulthood. This can be a daunting prospect – we men tend to be rather protective over our genitals – so let’s take a look at what you can expect if you’re going through a...

A High-Fiber Diet Can Help to Prevent the Spread of Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common form of cancer among men in the United States. In 2009, over 200,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and over 28,000 died from the disease. Worldwide we see similar incidences of prostate cancer, but in Asian societies scientists noticed a difference. In the West, prostate cancer is...

How to Become Alpha Male


Ultimately humans are just highly evolved primates. While we might dress in sharp clothes, construct buildings, and organize ourselves with politics and businesses, ultimately our behaviour is still dictated by the very same hormones and drives that guided us in the wild. One way this can be seen is in pack behaviour – and the way we work in a group is still very much like the way that other...

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Adam Sinicki

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