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Is Hookah Bad for You?


Hookah pipes, also known as hitboo pipes, shisha pipes and water pipes, are large instruments used for vaporizing and smoking a range of flavoured tobaccos (which are also known as shisha). Originally coming from Persia and India in the 15th century, hookah has long been popular throughout the Middle East and South Asia in countries including Egypt, India, Pakistan, Persia, Saudi Arabia, Syria...

Chewing Tobacco VS Cigarettes


Smoking is a serious health risk and one that can have countless negative impacts on our health. We know for instance that smoking will shorten our lifespans at the best of times, but it can also cause a range of serious illnesses that can end our lives in painful and drawn out ways – lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, heart attacks, respiratory conditions, strokes and more. Of course...

Does Smoking Stunt Your Growth?


We all know about the various health problems and threats that smoking poses, and yet many of us continue to smoke regardless of this – and even continue to smoke under age. The vast range of illnesses and diseases caused by smoking, as well as the detriment to physical fitness, do not seem to be enough to put people off, but some of the issues of vanity that effect teenagers may sometimes be...

How Bad Is Secondhand Smoke, Really?


There seems to be general agreement that secondhand smoke is bad. The case against secondhand smoke (SHS) as a health danger has been made, emphatically, in over 30 U.S. Surgeon General’s reports written since 1964. Sufficient studies have been performed that link secondhand smoke to cancer in non-smokers exposed to it that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational...

Trying to Quit Smoking? Exercise


Those who have tried to quit smoking cigarettes know that it is no picnic. Nicotine has been called by researchers potentially more addicting than heroin. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 70% of current smokers want to quit, they have been unable to do so. According to the American Lung Association, successfully quitting smoking and “staying quit” is...

Smoking Is a Bad and Expensive Habit


Imagine waking up in the morning and not wanting that first cigarette. What if you could actually go to a non-smoking restaurant and enjoy your meal without having to go outside and take a few puffs ever so often. Wouldn’t it feel good not having to pay the astronomical prices for one pack of “cancer sticks?” You are not alone! We all know that smoking is bad for us so why do so many people smoke...

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