Soy Ineffective in Reducing Menopausal Symptoms


The onset of menopause can cause numerous uncomfortable symptoms for women. Finding a solution for these symptoms was the focus of a recent study led by researchers at the University of California, Davis. This study concentrated on the relationship between the consumption of soy products and a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. Soy and Menopause The researchers who conducted the study...

Worst Women’s News of the Year: Makeup May Cause Early Menopause


As if the recent study linking the consumption of alcohol to increased breast cancer risk wasn’t disturbing enough, now there is a study that strikes at the very heart of the modern woman. Chemicals commonly found in makeup, hairspray, and other cosmetics may be disrupting their reproductive systems and causing the early onset of menopause. Pthalates can trigger menopause more than two...

Skin Changes Observed During Menopause


If you remember as far back as being a teenager then you might recall some of the symptoms of adolescence and in particular one of the major problems – your skin. What will have caused your excessively oily or embarrassingly dry skin at that age was the cocktail of hormones that comes with the territory of growing older. Thus it of course only stands to reason that you would suffer a similar...

What to Expect During the Menopause


We have all heard the horror stories; the night sweats, the treacherous mood swings, the hot flashes. One has to wonder, just what did we women do to deserve all of this punishment? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to suffer our monthly “friend?” By the way, whoever nicknamed menstruation our “friend” was clearly an idiot, or male. But, I digress. The question of the day...

Is Menopause Reversal Possible?


Menopause is something that most women dread. It seems to be a milestone that they reach in which they feel they have finally gone over the hill and become old. There is no specific age in which this happens to each woman but for the most part the process usually begins right at around the age of 40 to 45. There are also some women who may experience menopause as early as 35 due to some kind of...

How Do I Know When I’m Done With Menopause?


Menopause is a process in women that marks the end of fertility and of the menstrual cycle. In this sense it can be thought of as almost the ‘opposite’ of puberty, and just like puberty if can be a difficult time causing hormone imbalances, hot flushes, headache, high heart rate and the development of (yet more) hair. The beginning of the menopause is signaled when a woman’s...

Menopause and Panic Attacks


A large number of women experience increase in panic attacks during perimenopause and during menopause period. The most common symptoms experienced during and after the panic attacks are, racing heart beats, breathing difficulties, unusual intense energy, rushes of energy, electric currents, hot prickly sensations, vibrations, ice cold and tingly sensations, among others. Studies have shown that...

Menopause, Yeast Infections and Treatment


Caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans, a fungus, yeast infections are the most common of all vaginal infections. Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted and are often caused by menopause. Of all vaginal infections, yeast infections are one of the main symptoms of menopause, caused by the fluctuating hormones leading to bacteria in the vagina going out of control. Baths, excess...

Menopause and Anger


During perimenopause, in the transitional period before menopause, women experience a number of emotional problems and mood swings, including anger, in addition to physical changes. According to experts, perimenopause does not cause anger and other mood swings, but fluctuations in hormone production during perimenopause trigger anger, depression and other mood swings that are already pre-existing...

Menopause and Vaginal Dryness


Many women feel vaginal dryness during menopause due to the thinning of the mucus membranes and the loss of elasticity in the walls of the vagina. The reduction in the production of estrogen in the ovaries may cause the thinning of the vaginal lining. This, in itself, does not cause any problems, unless the lining of the vagina becomes inflamed and dry; then it is painful. Vaginal dryness is...

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