How to Get Back Your Lust for Life

If you want to get the very most out of life then the single most important tip is to make sure that you maintain your enthusiasm for it and to put yourself out there. Life really is what you make of it and if you don’t make the effort to see and experience as much as possible then you can rather quickly fall into a dull routine of work, tiredness and sleep.

The problem is though, that as life starts to get you down and you find yourself more tired and more stressed from work, you’ll naturally begin to have less and less enthusiasm to go out and do things. This then leaves you with less energy still and you find yourself in a vicious cycle with no easy way out. At this point you need something to break the cycle and get you out of your rut so that you can start to make the most of life again and re-find your passion. Here we will look at some of the ways to do just that.

Start Going to the Gym

If you’re tired and feeling miserable at the end of every day when you get home, then perhaps hitting the gym is the last thing you want to do. Be that as it may, it’s worth forcing yourself to go as you will likely find it’s a great way to get back your mojo and give you some more energy. When you go to the gym you’ll not only improve your energy levels, you’ll also improve the way you look and feel about yourself and you’ll feel better equipped to take on the world. Failing that you can always take on some other new physical activity to get your blood pumping again and make you more psyched to be alive. Why not start playing tennis with a friend? Or join a five aside football club?

Finding other ways to enhance your energy can also help, so that means avoiding stress (try to identify the things that are bringing you down), it means eating complex carbs and it means getting plenty of good quality sleep. The world seems a little brighter when you have more energy to spare!

Change Something Big

Sometimes when we’re stuck in a rut it’s simply because we’re bored with our lot in life. If nothing much has changed for you in the last few years, then it’s easy to imagine why you might be starting to feel stagnant, so instead of waiting for the next big life change to come to you think about how you can progress and push things forward. Maybe you should move house? Or look for another job? Or maybe your relationship isn’t doing it for you anymore? Again another option is to simply take up a new hobby that can take up some of your time and provide a new source of excitement. Even going on a big holiday can give you something to look forward to and provide a great sense of adventure, as can doing something else exciting like running the marathon or doing a sky dive. Whatever the event, find a way to shift the focus in your life, to try something new and to create new challenges.


Alternatively, you can just try freshening things up by giving your life a new lick of paint. This might mean changing your own appearance with a new haircut and some new clothes (which can make you feel surprisingly good about yourself) or it might just mean giving your home a real thorough clean and buying a new computer. You’d be surprised how much better you feel about life when your home looks great and you feel proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

Make a Plan

Not every problem that leaves you feeling down can be easily fixed by a new haircut. However just knowing that things are changing and feeling a sense of momentum can give you a lot more passion to drive things forward and make life into what you want it to be. As long as you have a plan, you have a motive and a reason to keep going in to work every day. So think about what it is you want from life, how you can make things better and how you are going to work to get there. If you already have a plan and it’s not helping, then perhaps your priorities have changed and you just need to rethink what it is you want from life.

Be Open to Opportunities

You may be low on energy, but you don’t need to climb Everest to find life exciting again. There are plenty of little opportunities that crop up all the time in our everyday lives, any of which can help to give us more excitement and help us to find more joy in life. The secret is to be open to these opportunities and on the lookout for them. On the way home from work then, keep an eye out for places you haven’t been or seen and consider making the odd detour. And when you get an invite from your friend that you don’t feel like attending (perhaps you don’t know anyone), be sure to make the effort and enjoy that new experience.

And if the opportunities aren’t forthcoming? Then make the opportunities for yourself. Sit down and think about small things you’d like to see or do. Perhaps you’d have fun with a remote control helicopter? Or maybe you’d enjoy going to a drive-in movie? Write down a whole list of things you want to experience and then make sure to actively work your way through them.

Visit Your GP

If the feelings of lethargy and disinterest persist despite your best efforts then it may be worth speaking to your doctor. It’s unlikely, but these feelings could be related to depression or some kind of illness so it’s not a good idea to ignore them and hope they go away.

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