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Living Alone and Accepting Aloneness


A self-employed Business Consultant from Baltimore MD emailed me a copy of some thoughts he had written in response to a recent separation from his partner and his need, at least for the short term, to spend time alone. I share his thoughts in the hope that his insights might inspire others: “I am an island of consciousness – no one else can do my thinking, no one else can do my...

What Is a Panic Attack?


A panic attack is a short episode that can last 20 minutes to several hours. It is marked by feelings of intense dread and foreboding, along with extreme stress symptoms such as heightened heart rate and blood pressure, hyperventilation and chest pain. Panic attacks are not dangerous and will normally pass on their own. However, they are highly unpleasant and often patients can end up...

Workplace Stress – Ten Ways to Fit Into a New Workplace


Starting a new job is one of the most stressful life events. Even though you may be excited to change your role and work for a new organization, it can feel very daunting to move to a new office, meet new colleagues and learn a new job. New job nerves are natural for everyone and your new employer will be keen to help you to settle in soon as possible – it’s part of their job after all...

Should You Consider Using Medication for Stress?


Living with stress can take the joy out of life, strain your relationships and even affect your career. Worse, it does severe damage to your general health and can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. For all these reasons, it’s important to fight stress as quickly and effectively as possible. With that in mind then, should you consider using medications? Medication for Stress...

Kaizen – How to Reduce Stress Throughout the Day With Small Changes


At any given point in time you are likely to find yourself encountering some amount of anxiety, stress and general discomfort. Every day we are faced with challenges that make us anxious, stressed out and upset and this is just a normal part of life. Even something as simple as being stuck in traffic, running late for work or having to make difficult decisions about what to wear can cause stress...

Is it Possible to Forget? – The Reality of Repressed Memories


The concept of ‘repressed memories’ is one of the few ideas from psychology that have become ‘mainstream’ enough that they are a part of our day-to-day vocabulary. Many people know what a repressed memory is, even if they have no experience with psychology and no direct experience with the phenomenon themselves. So why is this? Partly, it comes down to the fact that repressed memories are...

Why Embarrassment Can Be a Good Thing


When looking at any aspect of our psychology, it is always useful to think of it in terms of our evolutionary history. Humans did not become the complex creatures they are by accident: nearly every aspect of our biology and our psychology evolved to be the way it is and was selected for its survival value. It either helps us survive, or it helps us to pass on our genes. This is why we get...

How to Correct Impulsive Behavior


Impulsivity isn’t always a destructive trait. In some cases, risk taking behavior and a tendency to leap without looking can actually help us to function more effectively. People who take risks tend to be more successful in business, while some psychologists believe that our first decision is often our best one (as is postulated in the 2005 book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by...

The Psychological Effects of Social Ostracism


Remember back to high school how much it hurt when you didn’t get an invitation to the party? Or just how big a deal it was when you saw your friends drive past you to the mall and you never got the memo? (Okay, I may watch too many High School movies). There’s actually a very good reason for this: during our teenage years, the part of our brain that is responsible for our social intelligence has...

How Stress Causes Actual Physical Damage to the Brain


We are constantly told that stress is bad for us and that we should try and avoid allowing chronic stress to continue for long periods of time. We know that stress increases our heart rates, makes us more likely to suffer with illness and depression and negatively impacts our enjoyment of just about everything we do. But did you know that stress can even damage your brain? Psychologists now know...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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