How Stress Causes Actual Physical Damage to the Brain


We are constantly told that stress is bad for us and that we should try and avoid allowing chronic stress to continue for long periods of time. We know that stress increases our heart rates, makes us more likely to suffer with illness and depression and negatively impacts our enjoyment of just about everything we do. But did you know that stress can even damage your brain? Psychologists now know...

How to Breathe Correctly for Less Stress and Improved Health


Most of us are pretty confident that we know how to breathe. I mean, chances are that you’re doing it right now. Am I right? Thought so. And as you’re still around to read this, then you must be doing an at least okay job of it. But ‘okay’ and ‘optimal’ are rarely the same things. While you’re probably surviving well enough, there’s a good chance...

How to De-Stress – Simple Steps to Find Calm When You Need It


Experiencing distress? Then you need to de-stress! Stress is a serious problem and something that can affect us negatively in many ways; often without us even realizing it. If you find your stress levels increasing, then it is highly important that you know how to take some time out and how to de-stress effectively. In this post, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to effectively get...

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for Stress-Busting and Better Mental Health


Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that involves simply being more aware of your own mind and your own thoughts. This type of meditation has been practiced for centuries under a variety of different names – in Christianity for instance it is sometimes called ‘watchfulness’ as described by the Philokalia and many other religious practices also encourage similar concepts. Today it is...

Is Geopathic Stress Real?


Geopathic stress is a type of stress that allegedly comes about as a result of the environment. This is not the same as stress that comes from heat, from cold or from living in an untidy environment though. Rather it is stress that comes from the geography of your house and the way that it is arranged. What also sets it apart from these other types of stress, is that it’s somewhat more...

Brain Programs That Help or Hinder Stress Management


Because attitudes can play such an important role in the direction of our lives, and also our personal stress management, it is important to understand how they influence our everyday behaviour. Professor John Young, a distinguished scholar who was described by The New York Times as one of the “world’s greatest living biologists”, wrote an excellent book titled Programs of the...

5 Ways That Stress and High Blood Pressure Are Linked


In cartoons and films, characters who are highly stressed or angry will often have high blood pressure. This is a tool that the writers can use in order to quickly convey a character’s stressed personality and at the same time get a laugh. Whenever we hear an exasperated wife say to her husband: ‘remember your blood pressure!’ we know that she’s the put-upon type and that...

Reduce Your Stress by Managing Your Brain’s Neural Networks


Professor John Young, a distinguished scholar who has been described by The New York Times as one of the world’s greatest living biologists has written an excellent book titled Programs of the Brain. Professor Young believes that much of our everyday behavior is stored in the brain in modules or, as he refers to them, programs. “The brain operates in certain organised ways that may be...

Understanding Stress in Teenagers


Teenagers have something of a bad reputation when it comes to their emotional stability. It seems to be something of a running joke that teenagers are ‘stroppy’, ‘unreasonable’ and ‘volatile’ which makes them great fodder for sketch shows and sitcoms. But while this might be true and it can certainly seem amusing at times from an outsider’s perspective...

How Stress Can Sometimes Be a Positive Thing


No one likes being stressed, and in the build-up to an exam, a driving test or even a blind date, most people will talk about how much they hate being stressed or how it’s making them lose sleep. Stress can even lead to health problems, as it puts your body in an excited state that features a heightened heart rate and blood pressure and a lowered immune system. When you’re stressed...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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