Staying Optimistic During Hard Times


Optimism has to be one of the most valuable traits that you can cultivate and it’s something that will make you happier, more popular and even potentially ‘luckier’ if you can maintain that attitude; and never is this more important than when you are going through hard times and when you are facing up to challenges. Of course it’s more difficult to remain optimistic when...

Becoming a Better Boss: 5 Things You Need to Know


Whether you’re an experienced manager or this is your first time leading a group of employees, chances are that you want to do the best job possible. While you may have worked hard to earn your management position, it’s possible that you still feel a little nervous. After all, leading a team of employees is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure that your employees...

Will You Be Proud of the Life You Lived When You’re on Your Deathbed?


One of the big questions we will often find ourselves asking during moments of introspection, is whether or not we are living a life that we will one day be proud of. This tends to come down to the way we might appraise our lives from our deathbed – if you continue to live life the way you are currently, then would you look back and think: ‘I lived a full life’? Or would you be filled...

Three Ways Procrastination Is Hurting Your Life


Everyone has wasted time at some point. You can probably think of a time when you browsed the Internet or went for a run just because you didn’t want to deal with the project or conversation waiting for you. Procrastination can be a killer. If you want to live your best financial life, have functional relationships, and maintain a strong reputation, finding a way to end or limit...

Self-Esteem: What it Is and How to Improve It


Healthy self-esteem is vital for a happy, successful life. Those with good self-esteem tend to remain longer in education, find it easier to form and maintain stable relationships, and progress further in their career. For those who lack self-esteem, however, life can be a painful struggle. Any therapist will tell you that many of society’s problems can be traced back to poor self-esteem...

How to Support Someone Through Their Exams


Whether it is a moody teenager preparing for college, or a stressed wife revising for a mature degree, at some point you will have to support someone through exam season. The following tips may prove useful: 1) Be prepared for a rocky few weeks. If you husband yells at you to keep the children quiet, or if your teenage daughter keeps bursting into tears, don’t take it personally. Think back...

How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine


A lot has been written about the morning routines of business leaders and entrepreneurs and many bloggers and health gurus rate the idea of a morning routine very highly. Barack Obama, David Karp (founder of Tumblr), Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Michelle Gass (Starbucks CEO) and many others have all talked about the importance of morning routines – which are some pretty good testimonials! But...

Getting Motivated During a Midlife Crisis


The midlife crisis is serious, and can even be dangerous. For some, the problem is not so much lack of motivation but over-motivation, as they try to prove they are still young by starting an affair or blowing their money on a sports car. For others, however, the midlife crisis leaves them feeling jaded and apathetic; since the best years are gone, they reason, there is no point in doing anything...

Why You’re Losing Motivation as You Age


Getting motivated can be difficult at any age (just ask the parents of a sulky teenager who won’t get out of bed!), but it is especially hard when you are old. Elderly people often feel that their time is over, that they are just treading water, even that they are a burden. When you add aching joints and fading energy, not to mention the depression and insomnia that so often afflicts old...

How and Why You Should Create a Morning Routine


In his book Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss collects interviews he conducted with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and film stars on the web. His objective was to look for similarities and connections in their habits, strategies and philosophies in order to see if he could find useful common ground; the idea being that if we emulate some of those habits, we might get to share in a...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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