De-Stress With Positive Association

Whether you’re working on losing weight, becoming healthier, making more money, finding the right partner or anything that requires persistence.

There is one thing that you can do to make reaching your goals so much faster! It’s called positive association.

Positive association is where you ‘hang out’ with people that are positive and encouraging. These types of people make your life fun, happy and actually ‘pump’ you up. Which gives you the energy and support to reach your goals!

Now be aware of the negative moaning types! These people generally have nothing to complain about but manage to bring you down with their moaning.

Moaners typically want others to absorb their negativity and to commiserate with their complaints about life.

So what about if you have family who are moaners? Family you cannot completely avoid, so the best approach is to try to set a positive example and not to get sucked in by the complaining.

So the key to success is to socialize with positive, fun loving, appreciating people.

The aim is not only to hear affirming messages more of the time but also to be appreciate when you are positive.

Positive companions can do a lot to counteract the stresses of life. Here are a few of my real life examples:

  • I play with my Kelpie named Bindi – she is the most positive person I know;
  • I avoid negative people. My role is that I will listen to any amount of complaining as long as someone is doing something about the problem. The moment it becomes a tape that is played just so the person can hear themselves talk. I avoid that person;
  • I make friends with only positive, happy people;
  • I review my day with my partner Jodi, who gives me encouragement and support.

When you associate with positive people and have a purpose in your life, you are likely to be more positive and less stressed yourself.

Despite life’s roadblocks, ‘hanging out’ with positive people will keep your sights focused on reachable goals.

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