Where Do Ideas and Creativity Come From in the Brain? Part Three: Functional Fixedness and Our Ingenuity


If creativity comes from cross-talk between brain regions (as discussed in part two), then where might our ability to build computers and to think outside the box come from? Creativity is one thing, but what about ingenuity and feats of engineering? These are perhaps the more useful applications of our creativity, so how do they come about? Well one explanation points to functional fixedness and...

Where Do Ideas and Creativity Come From in the Brain? Part Two: Synaesthesia and the Fusiform Gyrus


In part one we looked at views of creativity throughout the ages and at how our ideas were once thought to come from Gods and daemons that would nudge us and elevate us towards greatness. Of course that’s not the view of today’s science, so what do psychologists have to say on the matter? It might just be even more amazing… Left Brain, Right Brain? The first thing I want you to...

Where Do Ideas and Creativity Come From in the Brain? Part One: The Mystery of Creativity and Divine Intervention


Creativity and the ability to come up with intelligent solutions to problems are things that seem to be uniquely human. This kind of thinking has been the driving force of our evolution and our cultural development and it has helped us to create such marvels as medicine, the printing press, the automobile and the internet. Creativity is the magical spark that set us on this incredible path as a...

The Romantics and the Creative Imagination


Therapists and self-help writers often stress the role of creativity in a healthy and happy life. And yet this is nothing new. Over 200 years ago, a disparate group of artists, painters and writers known as the Romantics placed creative imagination at the heart of their movement. The Background Romanticism centered largely on France, England and Germany and involved painters, poets and...

How to Unlock Your Creative Side


For many, the wish to create burns like a passion. The parents of Jimi Hendrix, for example, were told when he was young that his wish to own and play a guitar was so intense it was literally making him ill! Of course, some have their creative urges satisfied by their career or by raising their children. Others, however, live in constant frustration, abandoning novels half way through, flitting...

Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks and Boost Creativity


Creativity is one of the most highly coveted of human traits. A creative person is someone who can come up with novel solutions to problems, create beautiful works of art, spin exciting stories and perhaps create inventions that will make them rich and improve the lives of others. On a much more day-to-day level, creativity can help you to create your own sense of style, to come up with fun and...

How to Be an Ideas Guy


Most of us wish that we could have more genius ideas. Ideas that would help us to make money, ideas that would allow us to add creative flare to our events and our romantic gestures, and ideas that would help us to make our lives better. And yet for some people these brilliant ideas just don’t come naturally. Most businesses and work places will have one or two people that they consider...

How to Use the Default Mode Network to Increase Creativity


Have you ever been taking a shower when you suddenly had a breakthrough or a great idea? Or perhaps it came to you while you were cutting vegetables, or maybe taking a walk? At any rate, the best ideas will often come to us when we’re not trying to ‘force’ them and often when we don’t expect them. In fact at IDEO headquarters (a design consultancy), employees are...

How to Make Sure You Are at Peek Creativity and Productivity When You Need to Be


There are a lot of articles out there that focus on improving creativity, productivity and generally the capacity to do good work and get results. While these articles are often very useful however, it’s not always clear precisely what they are aiming to achieve. Improving creativity and productivity are undoubtedly noble aims but are we talking about increasing the peak of our potential...

Are Creative People More Disorganised?


While stereotypes are generally bad things and not to be encouraged by-and-large, in many cases they often turn out to have some basis in reality. This is particularly true when it comes to psychology or behaviour – we often hold various beliefs and associations about certain types of people or people with certain behavioural traits without really knowing why, only to have them later verified by...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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