Change Your Priorities If You Want to Really Be Successful


When you speak to people who want to get into shape, it’s often clear to see that their plans are doomed right from the off-set. How many times has someone told you that they’re going to start working on getting a six pack or building their guns and then reeled off a huge training program to you? Normally it involves working out five days a week for an hour or more at a time after...

How Using the ‘Five Whys’ Can Help You to Solve and Prevent Problems


‘The five whys’ is a mental exercise that has a number of different uses. Often it is recommended by self-help gurus and others to help you find your ‘calling’ by getting to the root of your aims and objectives. Outside of this context though, it can also be a highly effective tool for solving and preventing a lot of problems in a range of settings. Why ‘The Five...

Finding the Energy to Take Action


Many of us think that the thing that is holding us back from living our dreams most is a lack of time. Thus time management is widely believed to be a crucial skill if we want to be able to achieve what we want and to make real change in our life. Of course this isn’t wrong as such – time management is indeed a very important skill and most of us do need more time to do the things we want...

The Limiting Doubt That Is Holding You Back From Taking Action


What is it that’s stopping you from getting into shape? Or from talking to the girl you want to ask out? Or from putting the hours in to your online business so you can start working from home? There are many potential answers to all these questions and the right answer is going to depend very much on your specific situation. Often there is some kind of underlying ‘psychic...

How to Use ‘Fear Setting’ to Take Action and Achieve Your Goals


Most of us actually know the steps we need to take to achieve the things we want in life. In fact, in 90% of cases they’re very simple steps. Want to get into shape? Then work out. Want to earn money online? Start writing that blog. Want a new job? Apply. The problem then is in convincing ourselves to actually take action and to start making those things happen. This is where too many of us...

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Opportunity… Just Do It!


The Nike slogan ‘Just Do It’ is not only an example of great marketing but also an example of actually rather sound advice coming from an unlikely source. And it’s certainly advice that a lot of us could do with taking on board. The thing is, when you want something good to happen, the single most important thing to do is to start working towards that goal… immediately. As...

Why People Read Self-Help… And Then Don’t Do Anything


Taking action is the single most important step to succeeding in whatever it is you want to do. Imagine you want to get into shape, or start a business. Even if you have the worst training program in the world and even if you have the worst business model in the world… you still stand more chance of success if you actually try to execute that plan than if you don’t. And even if you do fail...

Should You Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?


Ever feel stuck in the rat race? Ever feel like your life isn’t going anywhere? Ever see an advertisement for a holiday and think ‘why isn’t life always like that?’. Well then the answer you seek might just be to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. This is a life decision that could potentially help to make you more fulfilled and help you to experience life more the way it...

8 Positive Self-Talk Examples


Many people are sceptical about self-talk, imagining some ambitious young businessman standing in front of a mirror reciting sentences like “you are a tiger, go get them.” The whole idea of self-talk can seem self-indulgent, even a little absurd. But practised in the correct way, it can be surprisingly effective. Never forget that your emotional state depends on your mental state. Put...

Becoming a Better Boss: 5 Things You Need to Know


Whether you’re an experienced manager or this is your first time leading a group of employees, chances are that you want to do the best job possible. While you may have worked hard to earn your management position, it’s possible that you still feel a little nervous. After all, leading a team of employees is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure that your employees...

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman is a full time writer specializing in psychology as well as the broader health niche. He has a BSc degree in psychology from Surrey University, where he particularly focused on neuroscience and biological psychology. Since then, he has written countless articles on a range of topics within psychology for numerous of magazines and websites. He continues to be an avid reader of the latest studies and books on the subject, as well as self-development literature.