How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine


A lot has been written about the morning routines of business leaders and entrepreneurs and many bloggers and health gurus rate the idea of a morning routine very highly. Barack Obama, David Karp (founder of Tumblr), Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Michelle Gass (Starbucks CEO) and many others have all talked about the importance of morning routines – which are some pretty good testimonials! But...

How to Support Someone Through Their Exams


Whether it is a moody teenager preparing for college, or a stressed wife revising for a mature degree, at some point you will have to support someone through exam season. The following tips may prove useful: 1) Be prepared for a rocky few weeks. If you husband yells at you to keep the children quiet, or if your teenage daughter keeps bursting into tears, don’t take it personally. Think back...

List of Good Leadership Skills – This Is the Secret to Being an Excellent Leader


Most of us will find ourselves in some kind of leadership role at least at one point in our lives. It might be in the office where you could be managing a team, or it might be at home as a parent. It could even be rising to a leadership role in a group of friends, or perhaps in a situation where you have the most knowledge and people turn to you for guidance. Whatever the case, not everyone is...

What Is the Definition of Success?


Success is a broad, abstract concept and one that means different things to different people. Coming up with a single definition to satisfy everyone then is likely a futile task. But with that said, there are certainly some commonalities from person to person and some things we can agree on. And perhaps if we look at the sum of these parts, then we can come up with something at least approaching...

When Friends and Neighbors Are More Successful Than You


The American novelist Gore Vidal once remarked “it is not enough to succeed, others must fail,” a brilliant observation that explains so much about human behavior. Of course, when you are the one who has failed, the thought that you make successful people feel even better is unbearable! Success and Failure First, what do you mean by “more successful than you?” Successful...

How to Increase Your Chances of Success in Life


In Arthur Miller’s great play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman, an unsuccessful middle-aged salesman, sinks to his knees before his wealthy brother and begs him to reveal “the secret.” But is there one? The reality, of course, is that success depends on many things and is defined in different ways by different people. In any case, the wheel of fortune is always turning, and no...

Five Things Successful People Have in Common


At some point, we all look in awe at a friend or work colleague whose life moves from success to success: a happy marriage, thriving children, a booming business. Of course, luck plays its part. The writer C. S. Lewis once observed that, ever since the Ancient Greeks, writers and philosophers had noted the way some have fate on their side while others appear cursed. In fact, observe successful...

Five Things Unsuccessful People Have in Common


Throughout history, writers and philosophers have noted the way fate, or “the gods,” seem to curse certain individuals, who move from one failure and disaster to another. In reality, of course, people are unsuccessful because they share certain faults, many of them easily corrected. Expecting to Fail Think of the most unsuccessful people you know and you will probably find that they...

How to Succeed in Any Career: Try Your Hardest


Want to do better in your career and in your life? Then the simple solution is to try your hardest. Now, this might seem like a no-brainer but it would probably surprise you just how many people don’t do this. And it might also be worth pointing out that I’m talking about trying your hardest at all possible times. To bring to mind an example of someone who doesn’t try their hardest, picture for a...

The Importance of Failure: Strategies for Learning From Failure


As with so many things in life, failure is a matter of perspective. Strange as it may seem, you really can learn to value and even embrace it. Of course, some will roll their eyes at the suggestion and dismiss all this as mere therapy talk, or even as a way for losers to comfort themselves. But failure does have valuable lessons to teach. Ask someone who has been successful in sport, business, or...

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a consultant specializing in the social-personality psychology. His publications include magazine chapters, articles and self-improvement books on CBT for anxiety, stress and depression. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about political and social history.

*The views expressed by Mr. Goddard in this column are his own, are not made in any official capacity, and do not represent the opinions of his employers.