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How to Deal With Anger Effectively


All of us deal with anger differently. Some of us like to squeeze a stress ball, others of us will go and hit the weights, others will put our faces into a pillow and scream. But while it’s your prerogative to deal with anger any way you see fit – as long as you aren’t hurting anyone or putting yourself in any danger – it’s crucial to realize that not every method of dealing...

Living With Someone Who Has Anger Issues


Living with someone who has anger issues can be stressful and unpleasant. Those who do often find themselves tiptoeing from room to room, holding their breath as they walk through the door, even fearing for their safety. Indeed, so common are anger issues in our fast-paced, overcrowded world, that many therapists and counsellors now specialize in “anger management.” Understanding...

Anger Management Techniques: Does Modern Life Make You Angry?


It is often said that loneliness and stress blight modern life. But so too does anger. Indeed, anger might almost be seen as an inevitable consequence of the other two – especially stress. Modern life can at times be overwhelming. The Origins of Anger Dangerous as anger can be, it is also natural, even necessary, and has been hard-wired into the brain by evolution. Most obviously, anger helped...

Anger Management: Understanding and Controlling Anger


At times, the world can seem almost designed to provoke anger. Inhabitants of the average modern city are subjected to relentless irritation and stress, from overcrowding and traffic queues to flickering screens and 24 hour news. But anger is often treated as comic. Birthday cards and newspaper cartoons, for example, will depict an absurdly irate, red-faced man throwing a tantrum while everyone...

Costs and Benefits of Anger in the Workplace


Anger can have many devastating impacts in the workplace. This subject may even evoke the thought of shootings in workplace with tragic casualties. Such incidents often bear the highest prices, in terms of psychological trauma, financial losses, loss of productivity and lingering confusion. Anger can turn into the most costly and the most extreme manifestation: violence. Non-violent anger can...

Overcoming Road Rage and Driving Anger


Road rage is one of those things that a lot of us laugh at and think of a fun character quirk if anything. However in reality road rage it no laughing matter and can actually be dangerous. Certainly it is an unpleasant and unattractive trait and one that we should seek to eliminate. Here we will look at road rage, why it’s a bad thing, and how you can go about alleviating it. What’s...

Understanding the Origin of Anger


Anger is among basic human emotions and a very complicated one. It manifests itself in a few different ways and although the real purpose of anger is to help you defend yourself, bad anger can be highly destructive and even if you can suppress it, anger that is turned inwards can cause depression. When we can’t handle or control our anger, we are at the mercy of things that go with it. An...

How to Release Your Aggressive Anger?


At a correct amount, anger is healthy and normal, but if you get angry too often and regularly experience explosive emotions, it isn’t healthy. Those with aggressive anger are not only intensely angry, but also tend to be very hostile and uncooperative. Healthy, normal anger is vastly different from aggression and hostility. Anger is essentially a sign that something is wrong with you or your...

Types of Anger


Anger is a completely natural emotion that we all experience. Despite this fact however it can still be unpleasant and lead to irrational behaviour and impaired judgement, potentially resulting in emotional or physical pain. While some forms of anger are perfectly healthy and normal then, other pose more of a serious problem. Knowing about how anger can manifest itself differently and...

Controlling Anger in Older Men


Anger is an important and natural emotion that we all experience from time to time. An anger disorder such as intermittent explosive disorder, or chronic or volatile anger can be destructive and unhealthy and lead to impaired judgement and irrational behaviour. For anger in older men this can be even more the case as it can exacerbate other health concerns that are more prominent for older...

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Adam Sinicki

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