Fixing Your Lack of Interest

If you are lacking in interest then this will lead quickly to boredom and to a lack of experience in your life. Some people struggle to be motivated to do anything, and lack the kind of curious enthusiasm that should be propelling them on to greatness. These people will then find that life has more bland a taste and that few things manage to hold their interest resulting in days spent on the couch in basic monotony.

If you find yourself in such a rut then it’s important to discover your curiosity once again and to start becoming interested in things around you so that you can be a more fun person to be around and so that you can continue to learn and grow. Here we will look at some ways to go about that.

Pursue Your Current Interests

If you are struggling to be interested in anything that isn’t already fascinating to you, then you should know where your limits are and you should not be too ambitious. You should start off easy with something you already find interesting. For instance if you like sports then how about learning a little more on the subject, like their history? Or if you have an appreciation for cars, then maybe you could learn a little more about engineering and mechanics. Because you were interested in the overall topic to begin with you should find this more fun and interesting to pursue. As you do this too, what you will also start to notice is that many disparate topics are all interrelated and that almost every single thing you learn can be related to numerous other subjects. As such your knowledge and your interest will start to develop further, as you will move from one topic to the next.

Talk to People

At the same time you should also try to make it a habit to talk to people and to listen to what they have to say about their hobbies and interests. If you speak to someone who is passionate about a subject then sometimes this can be contagious and it can help you to get excited about the topic too. Ask your friends why they love the hobbies and interests that they do, and ask them to tell you a bit more about it.

Another option which can be very effective is to try joining a class. Take a class in a new subject and this will give you the opportunity to try your hand at it yourself and to learn about it in a more in-depth way. Part of a good class should be to not only teach you about how to do something, but also to instil passion and interest in you.

Be Open Minded and Learn to Appreciate Other Things

A lot of our interest comes from our perception of something. If you are currently writing things such as opera, or rap music off, then try re-evaluating your opinions on the subject and thinking about how they might be impressive and the work that goes into completing them. Once you can see the skill and/or craftsmanship involved in something like this, then you will be able to better develop an appreciation.

Take Up a Project

To a large extent we are only interested in things that affect us directly. If then you are someone who spends an inordinate amount of time lying on the couch in front of the TV, you won’t have much that can interest you because you won’t be affected by much.

As such then, you should look at taking up a project and setting out to accomplish something. You may want to write a novel for instance, or you might want to build a website to supplement your income. Once you start doing that, you will then be required to research a number of topics and to learn a number of skills – and there will thus be reason to learn and to show interest in a vast number of subjects.

Go Back to Your Youth

Failing these methods, think back to the things you were interested in when you were younger, and the subjects that gave you that sense of wonder back then. Perhaps you loved dinosaurs, or you dreamed of space travel – either way, if you can reignite that passion and look into these subjects once again you might just regain your curiosity and interest.

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