How To Fight Allergy Headache And Get Headache Relief?

Allergies are one of the most frustrating ailments that many of us have to deal with on a daily basis. The frustration here is that we are not actually unwell, and by all rights we should be able to enjoy a day of full health and energy – but thanks to our allergy headaches this is not to be and we instead spend the day straining to think through a migraine or painful sinuses. This means that although we’re not unwell we still can’t go about our usual activities or can’t enjoy them with the same vigor we normally would – all of our usual activities are now blighted by the irritation.

Unfortunately a lot of things can cause allergy headaches and this is something that a lot of us have to deal with very frequently. Others of us on the other hand may even experience allergy headaches without actually knowing it – if you are constantly getting headaches then try to identify whether anything might be causing them. Do this by keeping a diary of what you eat and what you do throughout the day and when the headaches occur. Then see if you can notice any correlations between when your headaches occur and what you might have been doing. You can also ask a doctor for help and they will be able to carry out a blood test to find out whether you are allergic or not.

Causes of Allergy Headache

While there are many causes of allergy headache, the main causes tend to be pollen and other airborn allergen. These tend to block up the sinuses and that then causes a feeling of pressure around the temples and eyes that can feel like a distracting headache. Where your allergy is caused by foods you will be able to avoid the headaches simply by avoiding consuming those foods and this provides a very simple solution to the problem. However airborn allergens such as hay fever are much harder to avoid, and as they are also more likely to be the cause of headaches that is what we will address here. Following then are several strategies you can use to combat airborn allergies and get relief from headaches.

Avoiding Airborn Allergies

The first thing to realize is that if you suffer from seasonal allergies then hiding indoors will not necessarily mean that you are safe and there are many ways you can still be effected. Following are some ways to more carefully avoid these allergies.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one very important way to help keep yourself free from allergy headaches, and air cleaners on their own can achieve pretty much the same thing. These will filter the air that you breathe and comb out any particles of dander or pollen in order to keep the air indoors clean. Keep your air conditioning clean and well maintained to ensure that it doesn’t start to fill up with dust and dirt and then start simply circulating the things you’re trying to avoid.

Close the Windows

Most importantly though by using air conditioning this should mean you can cool your home without having to open windows and let pollen and other allergens get in that way. Keep your home air tight and lower the temperature with your air conditioning instead.

Wash Clothes

Pollen can also get into the house in other ways and can travel in on your clothes. Make sure then that you thoroughly wash your clothes regularly to avoid a buildup of pollen – and especially if you or a cohabitant has had a day outside somewhere where they would be likely to encounter allergens.

Another little tip is not to dry clothes outdoors. If you have serious hay fever then hanging your clothes up outside to dry will mean that they are basking in pollen all the while and all that pollen can then come in with them when you deem them dry. Instead then hang your clothes over the bath or somewhere else where they can dry indoors.

Maintain the Garden

You should also make sure to maintain your garden and to avoid growing too many plants that you know yourself to be allergic too. You can’t completely eradicate pollen from the air, but obviously don’t contribute to it by growing things you know will aggravate you. This will help with drying clothes and other people heading out into the garden too.

Choose Your Pets

If you are allergic to dander rather than pollen then things like the air conditioning can help. However it is far more useful to just be careful when choosing your pets to pick ones that won’t aggravate your allergies too much. Hairless cats or poodles are examples of cats and dogs that don’t malt and there are many more besides.

Combating Hay Fever

Of course sometimes no matter what you do to avoid breathing in pollen you’ll find it still gets into your system and you still end up with that headache. Here are some things to try.

Allergy Medication

There are many allergy medications that can be prescribed or purchased over the counter such as Piriton. These can provide light relief by preventing your body’s natural response to what it perceives to be a toxin.

Clearing Your Sinuses

If your headache is as a result of your sinuses being blocked, then simply clearing these passageways can help to afford you some relief. There are many ways to try doing this – whether you choose to use a nasal spray to break up the phlegm or to put your head over a bowl of steaming water. Sometimes just a hot bath can help and can also remove any particles of pollen from your skin.

Treat the Headache

Alternatively you can choose to address the symptom of the headache itself rather than the cure. That could mean simply taking a painkiller such as a paracetamol, or it could mean massaging your temples and forehead to relax the muscles in the area. Just closing your eyes in a darkened room can also often help.

Immunization Therapy

However if the problem persists and you continue to get serious allergy headaches then you will likely want to find a more permanent solution to the problem. Immunization can do exactly that and works by gradually introducing microscopic amounts of the allergen into your system to get your body ‘used’ to it. This causes it to stop registering it as a toxin, and thus the unpleasant reactions no longer occur.

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  1. When you are done reading this article the only word that comes to mind is 'DUH.' I know what allergies are, but how do I find relief? This article doesn't touch that question as indicated in the Title.

  2. Thanks for the info. I'd figured my headaches were being caused by my allergies (sulfonate allergies… it's hell), but I hadn't considered that maybe my body's chemical defenses against the allergins were causing the vasodilation. Helped me to put 1 and 1 together. Thanks!

  3. Ignore the stupid negative comments. I found this very useful as it confirmed pollen allergies can cause headaches. I've never really suffered from any sort of pollen allergy so was unsure if my 4 day long constant headache was caused by a report of high tree pollen.

    The person who comments saying the article doesn't advise how to deal with the problem, clearly hasn't bothered to actually read it, as it does! I will try Piriton now, as other headache pills that usually always work for me have done nothing, making me think now after reading this, it is maybe down to pollen.

  4. I found this article to be helpful. This is the first summer Ive had severe sinus pain. Usually symptoms without the pain. Ive taken so many types of otc pills an nothing helps get rid of the pain. Immunization therapy is something I didn’t think of or the know of the other meds.

    If you dont like what you read move on for fs.

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