‘My Girlfriend Looks Good, But She Could Look Better’

Getting a 10/10 to date you isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and some guys know that this is frankly not an option for them. At the same time, ‘10s’ tend to have some bad stigma surrounding them – with many people presuming that the hottest women aren’t going to be the nicest or the brightest (though that’s not necessarily fair…). Fortunately, most of us will end up with someone that we find attractive, and because we’re attracted to their personality too, they become the most beautiful people in the world to us.

That said, when a lithe 10 walks by in high-heels, a pencil skirt and bold red lipstick, it can be a little hard not to stare. Or in fact, not to feel as though you’ve been literally winded and have to collect your jaw up from the floor.

The thing is, that we know our partners are just as hot as those women and that they have all the same potential to make other guys jealous. If your girlfriend would only dress a bit sexier, show a bit more skin, be a bit more confident… she could look like someone from the cover of FHM.

But women are stubborn, and getting your partner to dress the way you want her to is nigh impossible. Not to mention ‘offensive’… apparently…

I’m saying all this because it’s something I come across often when talking to male friends, and because it’s something that almost every guy has thought at some point in their life. The question then is, whether there is any way you can influence what your girlfriend wears and get her to become the living embodiment of your fantasy? Without getting a massive slap that is. Read on to find out…

A Word of Warning

Let’s start with the bad news, which is that you will not change your partner. And nor should you want to – if you changed her too much then she wouldn’t be the person you’re in love with any more. You wouldn’t like it if she tried to change you, and if you’re too forceful you can end up making her very unhappy, losing her, or just find that she ends up digging her heels in even further.

Still want to play with fire? Then read on to learn some of the techniques that may still work…

How to Make Your Girlfriend Dress Sexier

Buy Her Clothes: One of the easiest ways to encourage your girlfriend to dress a little more sexily is simply to buy her clothes that you’d like to see her in. As long as you don’t do it too obviously or too regularly, then this will be seen as a harmless gift and she’ll probably feel obliged to wear the gift at least a few times… And as well as buying her clothes, how about buying her a makeup lesson or a photo-shoot? She’ll learn a bit about how to work her look, and she’ll be much more likely to listen when it comes from someone else.

Meet in the Middle: When buying clothes, the trick is to be tactical and not to try to too suddenly completely change your partner which will only result in you wasting your money.

Instead then, pay attention to the kinds of things she regularly wears and ask her if there are any clothes that she needs. Now try to buy her things that she will genuinely like and that match her personal style, but that you also like. This way you can meet in the middle and everyone’s happy.

Be Subtle: What this meeting in the middle is likely to entail, is you buying her the item of clothing that she wants, but finding a version that is perhaps a little tighter, a little lower cut, or generally a little sluttier. The trick here though is not to go overboard – if you get her latex pants and she’s the kind of girl who likes to hide her figure then don’t be surprised if you find them in the trash in a month’s time. Instead then, just go slightly tighter and slightly lower cut than she normally would, but still make sure she’s going to feel comfortable and not too exposed.

Lose That Baggy Sweater: Okay so this one is a little underhand, but if your partner insists on wearing the same baggy and ugly sweater day after day, then it won’t hurt if it accidentally goes missing.

Dress Sharper: Now ask yourself, do you have a baggy and ugly sweater? Are you unshaven? How’s your hair? If you aren’t looking 100% yourself right now, then it’s a little unfair to expect your girlfriend to start dressing super sexy. If you aren’t putting in the effort you did at the start of your relationship, then you should reasonably expect your girlfriend to relax into it too. Conversely though, if you sharpen up your look and start putting effort into looking good and looking slick, then you’ll find that your partner naturally does the same. If you dress like Brad Pitt, she will start to feel the pressure to dress like Angelina Jolie…

Take Her to the Right Places: Another way you can encourage your girlfriend to pull out the stops with her look, is to take her somewhere fancy where you will both have to put in the effort. If you eat in front of the TV every night, then she’s going to spend most of her time in pyjamas. Take her to a posh restaurant on the other hand, and that’s when you’ll see the heels and the LBD come out.

Make Her Feel Good: One of the reasons that women often don’t dress ‘sexy’ is that they don’t feel confident enough to do so. If your partner is self-conscious about her looks and doesn’t think she’s sexy, then she isn’t going to feel up to wearing a mini skirt or a low-cut red dress. One of the best ways to make her start working it then, is to give her the confidence to do so by paying her lots of compliments and by letting her know that you think she’s the sexiest person in the world… already.

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  1. Honest and fair Adam, difficult subject but ultimately if we really enjoy being with someone, we at least owe them the opportunity to know what we like. I would prefer not to become less and less physically attracted to the person I love, at least no faster than them to me ha ha.

  2. I don’t think a woman should dress differently just because he boyfriend wants her to. Everyone should be able to dress in a way that they feel comfortable. And saying we could look better is an insult. Everyone is beautiful as they are, and no one needs to dress sexier or what not. This is my opinion, and that is yours.

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