What Causes a Congested Liver?

Liver is one of the most vital organ of our body and also the most hard working body organ. The main feature related to any liver disease is tiredness. The main function of the liver is to remove toxins from the body, which can include varied chemical as well as physiological substances. When the liver is overloaded with work then it can face problems in clearing toxins from your body, which results in congested liver or liver congestion. There are basically two main causes of liver congestion. Let us see these in detail.

The first is when the liver is unable to detoxify the waste in a proper manner. When there is an excess intake or presence of toxins in the blood, the liver might not be able to function properly. Also, if the bile flow is reduced or is stopped, it might result in congestion of the liver. The reduced supply of bile can be a result of a possible stone or any severe medical condition. Such a situation can leave you feel tired because of the fact that there is an increase of toxins and waste in the blood, which will result in contaminating the body environment. This can also give way to a number of problems like those related to the skin and respiratory problems and you can also gain weight. For getting rid of this it is advised that you follow a detoxification program.

Another problem that can lead to liver congestion is the presence of excess carbohydrates in your diet. The liver is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism and also for the maintenance of a normal blood glucose level. If the blood glucose level is low, then the liver can break the glycogen to release energy for the body. But, if the blood glucose level increases then this might hinder in the proper functioning of the liver and cause liver congestion. Such a condition can result in irregular blood glucose levels and can leave you tired and also result in a number of medical problems.

Another problem that can occur because of congested liver is jaundice. If you suspect that you are suffering from liver congestion, then before the situation becomes worse, it is important that you get yourself tested for the same. There are a series of standard tests that can help you determine whether you are suffering from liver congestion.

The best way to get rid of congested liver is to follow a liver cleanse program or a detoxification process. There are a number of natural therapies available for cleansing of the liver; one of these is having stewed tomatoes and tomato juice for a period of 2 days. You can also replace tomatoes with apple and apple juice. Massaging castor oil on your abdomen can also help you in getting your liver back to function normally. There are a number of supplements available in the market that can help you to revive the normal functioning of your liver.

Liver is one organ in our body that has the capacity to rejuvenate itself if given in proper time. However, if your problem persists then, it is better that you see your physician as soon as possible to have yourself tested for complications.

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  1. Thank you for that explanation. I went to a herbalist who found the problem. She suggested taking Liver Care, a natural supplement. I was also told to squeeze lemon in my daily water intake.

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