What Soap Should I Use on Ringworm?

Ringworm is a contagious skin infection caused by fungi. These fungi breed in moist locations such as swimming pools and locker rooms. These fungi thrive well in the skin folds with moisture such as the regions of the groin. Ringworm infection is generally associated with intense itching in the affected region. However, some people remain asymptomatic or they do not show any symptoms.

The soaps you use for cleaning the skin region with ringworm infection should contain active ingredients that work against the fungi responsible for the infection. It should also contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredients that fight against other microbes to avoid secondary infections. It is also essential to select soaps with natural agents than the chemical agents to which many people are sensitive. It is also important to check if the soap is free of acids that further irritate the skin that is already very sensitive due to the fungal infection. The soap you select should not only treat the infection, but should also nurture the skin to heal after the infection is cured. Soaps with essential oils are a very good choice to select. These oils penetrate the skin very easily and fasten the healing process.

It is found that the most of the soaps used for treating fungal infection contains eucalyptus with a strong anti-microbial property and the tea tree oil that works as an anti-fungal agent. Tea tree oil is a very active agent that works against even the more severe herpes virus and the candida infections. Apart from acting on the fungi, it is found that tea tree oil plays role in stimulating the immune system to fight against the infection.

Make sure to select a soap that has passed the clinical trials and is very safe to use on skin sensitized with ringworm infection. To avoid duplicate products, purchase the soaps from authorized dealers. By using the soaps with organic ingredients you can avoid a great number of health complications associated with soaps containing chemical ingredients. Use of soaps with harsh chemicals increases the extent of skin damage and slows the healing process.

Apart from taking care of the soap used for cleaning the affected area, it is essential to follow certain measures to avoid the spreading of the infection to other parts of the body and to others.

• Avoid sharing clothes, towel or sheets. Use a separate towel to clean the affected area.

• Never walk barefooted near public swimming pools and restrooms which are the breeding grounds for the fungi.

• Clothes of the infected person should be washed separately in a fungicidal solution.

• Clean the affected area regularly with an anti-fungal soap or tea tree oil until the infection clears.

By following the above given measures it is very easy to combat ringworm infection. Lastly, the only secret to treat ringworm infections is by washing the affected area gently with a mild anti-fungal soap. Avoid rubbing the area hardly in an attempt to get rid of the germs; it will only aggravate the lesion.

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