How to Reduce Scalp Sweating

Any form of excessive sweating is unpleasant as it causes odour and wet patches. However, scalp sweating in particular is a highly distressing form of excessive sweating as it is on top of the head where it might drip down the face and get in the eyes, and as it results in the hair looking wet and flat. This is a problem for many people, but fortunately there are also many ways to reduce scalp sweating.

Often scalp sweating is a result of ‘hyperhidrosis’ which is any excessive sweating. This has no known cure, but the symptoms are certainly manageable. In some rare cases surgery may be necessary to limit the sweat, but normally this will not be necessary. Here we will look at some less invasive treatments.


The first thing to do is to wash the hair daily. This will help to keep the scalp clean and cooled and is something that you should do anyway. Bathing is preferable to showering as it allows you to completely submerge the head and kill off bacteria. You will also be able to get many products designed particularly for sweaty and oily scalps, so look for these. They will say that they are ‘anti-cholinergic’ on the label.

Avoid Hats

Of course hats can trap the head and cause a warm and unpleasant environment. This also does not allow the air to circulate and keeps the bacteria and odour trapped around your head. If you want to wear headwear, choose anti-cholinergic hats and scarves which will are breathable. Loose fitting hoods and umbrellas are a better alternative in rain.


In cases where lifestyle changes are not sufficient to reduce the scalp sweating, then it can be a good idea to use Botox injections. These are well known as a form of wrinkle reduction, but they can also be effective in blocking the nerves that cause perspiration. These can last up to 10 months resulting in long term relief, but the scalp is a particularly unpleasant area to have injected.

Keep Your Hair Short

Long hair has a similar effect to hats and can cause your head to heat up which induces sweat (the function of sweat is to cool down the body). At the same time long hair makes sweat more visible as it will flatten and darken as a result. If you keep your hair short then your head will be cooler, and it will be less apparent when you are sweating.

Splash You Head

If you have short head, or even a shaved scalp, then you will be able to splash your head with water to cool it down and not have to worry too much about it staying wet.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight then this will cause you to sweat more, meaning that losing weight through diet and exercise can make you sweat less all over – including on the scalp.

Use Medication

If your sweating is a serious problem then you may be able to get prescription anti-cholinergic medication to limit the problem.

Use Meditation

Finally, regular meditation or yoga can help you to stay calm and relaxed to prevent anxiety and stress related sweating.

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