Top 10 Foods Highest in Potassium

Potassium is a nutrient used in the body in order to maintain a good balance of electrolytes – the nutrients in the body carrying electrical charges which thus enable communication between cells. Low potassium levels can lead to fatigue and tiredness as well as cramps and muscle spasms.

Keeping your potassium levels in check is highly important, and particularly for athletes enduring on-going exercise who are drinking a lot of water as this can otherwise lead to an over dilution of electrolytes which may prove fatal.

Here are some of the foods highest in potassium to add to your diet:


Bananas are well known for being high in potassium and these are an ideal snack before a long run as they’re also high in energy and dopamine (which is a feel good hormone). One raw banana will contain on average 594mg of potassium.


Raisins though lesser known for their potassium, will blow bananas out of the water with an impressive 1089mg per serving (cup). They are also highly convenient to carry around with you but very high in sugar.

Baked Potatoes

Just behind raisins are baked potatoes with 1081mg each. These are a little less convenient, but a great meal and you can add more electrolytes by sprinkling on a little salt too (though note that very few people need more salt in their diet).

Tomato Sauce

Or for a real ‘potassium-fest’ (that’s a thing right? I want to go… ) you could add some tomato sauce to your baked potato and get an addition 909mg of potassium.

Lima Beans

Lima beans contain 955mg per serving and are quite versatile to include in your cooking.

Orange Juice

It’s not just food that will add to your potassium intake – one glass of orange juice will give you an impressive 496mg of potassium.


One cup of avocados will give you 1.1grams of potassium – not bad, and especially if you blend them up with some other fruits.

Dried Chervil

This herb will provide you with a substantial 4.7grams of potassium which is 135% of your daily value. Many other herbs are similarly high in potassium too.


Paprika or red chili powder both are high in potassium and can add a great kick to your recipes in the process.

Dark Chocolate

We’re constantly told that chocolate is bad for us, but actually it does have some benefits – particularly dark chocolate which is a good probiotic, high in iron and zinc and of course also high in potassium. Pure cocoa powder that doesn’t contain fat, milk or sugar will give you that without the bad stuff.

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  1. I just wanted the order from highest to lowest of the top ten. How much potassium does paprika and chilli powder contain?

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