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Berocca is an effervescent soluble tablet that contains a wide selection of crucial vitamins and minerals that should keep you healthy and energetic while keeping your immune system high too. The impressive list of ingredients are: vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folacin, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium and zinc – many of which in doses significantly larger than the RDA (recommended daily allowance) but always within the upper-safe region. This does however mean that you need to watch what other supplements you’re taking if any, and keep an eye on your diet as overdosing in vitamins and minerals can be a problem although it is largely reversible. Overdosing in vitamin B6 for example can cause nerve damage while overdosing in calcium can cause aching joints. Both can cause kidney stones… and no one wants that.

The supplement is by no means essential and many doctors advise against them as a cheap marketing ploy – the idea being that you can get most of these ingredients through a balanced and healthy diet. The problem with that is that a) most of us don’t get all these vitamins through our diet, b) those engaging in a lot of strenuous activity require more and c) taking these will make you feel healthier and more energetic than almost any other single supplement. In the wild we would have eaten mostly nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables while we tracked prey for protein – that’s why the recommendation for eating fruit and veg should really be closer to seven than the currently advised five. For these reasons it’s still a worthwhile purchase, despite the fairly hefty price tag, despite nay-sayers advising otherwise.

The two ingredients in the highest volumes are vitamins C and B. The purpose of vitamin C is several fold, with it’s most famous role being to protect individuals against colds and other viruses by boosting the immune system. This obviously has hundreds of benefits, not least meaning you don’t spend summer days in bed with a sniffle, but also leading you to feel healthier and more energetic the rest of the time. Additionally vitamin C is an antioxidant meaning it helps protect against the cell walls becoming damaged by free radicals (in essence you essentially ‘rust’ over time as your cells oxidise). This makes it great for prolonging life spans and protecting against unwanted mutations of the cells such as cancer. Vitamin B meanwhile helps extract the energy from carbohydrates making Berocca a great pick me up.

The other ingredients have a long list of benefits, with calcium being good for muscle contractions, bones and tendons; zinc being good for your sense of smell and testosterone production; thiamine improving oxidative energy; biotin improving the utilisation of amino acids; riboflavin burning carbs; magnesium improving strength… the list goes on.

The only downsides are the taste and the price, but if you can get used to the price you can certainly get used to the taste.

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  1. I've been taking Berocca for the past week with positive effects. Berocca now comes in 3 flavours, I tried the orange and it tastes quite pleasant.

  2. Once you get on it regularly you get used to the taste and it doesn't bother you at all. The benefits are many. Not to mention it is great for a hangover if you have stuff to do that day.

  3. This is an unbalanced and poorly informative article that needs revision.

    Four specific points.

    1. "Most of us don't get all these vitamins through our diet". There's no evidence for this statement – it's garbage! If this were true, then most of us would be vitamin deficient. Symptoms for this would include anaemia. Do you walk around seeing anaemic people everywhere? How many unhealthily pale people do you know? Actually unhealthy, rather than just not getting a suntan? I know NONE.

    2. The capsule of berocca tabs I have here has 45.3 mg of Niacin. According to a quick google search, "Niacin has a recommended daily intake of 14 to 16 milligrams per day for adults; its established upper intake is 35 milligrams… When the body is experiencing niacin toxicity, vitamin B overdose symptoms can include rashes, damage to the liver, and digestive complications". So a single berocca tablet has well over that upper intake. Nowhere is this warned of, nor does it warn against giving it to children, despite the toxicity.

    3. Research indicates no benefit to the "five a day" programme.

    4. Research has found no benefits from supplementing vitamin C that you describe. Prevents cancer? Surely not. All that was debunked an eternity ago.

    This is just mindless quackery.

  4. Beautifully said Chris, I wish more people had the sense to inform themselves rather than wasting so much money and fueling these companies to churn out this rubbish.

  5. I have to say, I've been taking berocca every day for about four years and I rarely have a cold or a bug which affects the way I function during each day throughout the weeks of being at school doing A levels. So I have to admit that taking berocca is a brilliant supplement for when there isn't enough food around to give you the sufficient amount of vitamins that you require to carry out your day. The tablet that you simply drop in water gives the energy, significantly lifts your mood and helps you to feel at your best for the entire day, do I will always take berocca for a long time yet. I would strongly recommend it for someone with not such a strong immune system or who lacks in energy throughout the day, especially for tiredness and fatigue it even for stress. The magnesium that is contained within the berocca is very calming, so someone who has a highly stressful job would truly benefit from the berocca tablet because it reduces the amount of anxiety significantly.

    Thanks for this sight! It was extremely useful, and I hope someone reads this comment 🙂

  6. Thank you for this article and posting other comments. I love this product. It gives me energy and more clarity than I've had in a long time. Working in healthcare, I see many different products advertised and used by patients, only to find most ingredients to be unhealthy. The ingredients in Berocca are safe & healthy. I feel great and I will be sharing with my family.

  7. I find Berocca brilliant, my teenage son was always tired and I put him on Berocca and he hasn't looked back, I also take one every morning and it gives me great energy. So I totally agree with Charlotte.

  8. I take the Tesco equivalent product B-Active as this contains pretty much the same ingredients minus the sweetener Aspartame. I've been taking this for more than a year now after a 3-month spell of persistent illness.

    I also improved my diet and started exercising a bit more as well. Result? I haven't had so much as a sniffle since I started and I am convinced that the supplement has had some bearing on this.

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