Keratosis Pilaris Treatment: Easy Home Remedies

Keratosis Pilaris is a very common condition and many people who suffer from it may not even have the correct diagnosis for it. It can be mistaken for acne when it appears on the face, but when on the arms and legs, that may not be the first time you consider getting a diagnosis.

While it is not a dangerous condition to suffer from, many people who have it on their face will be self conscious about it. It may look like acne and if you are in early or mid teens, you will be in the company of others who seem to have the same complaint. It manifests itself as small red bumps but it can be treated differently from acne. The easiest way to tell if it is acne or not is by the look of the skin. Keratosis Pilaris has the bumps under the skin rather than on top and does not have anything that may leak out. It has unkindly also been referred to as chicken skin and while that can be hurtful, it does resemble the small mounds that appear on the skin of a freshly plucked chicken.

Unlike acne it is not an early age related condition and can appear for a number of reasons. Mostly it is older women who are affected by it and more often than not it is hereditary. It is caused mainly by an imbalance within the immune system and also a lack of liquid in the skin. Water alone cannot cure it, nor can ordinary moisturizers that are in use, but it can be treated without a great deal of fuss or the need for many expensive and maybe dangerous or ineffective drugs. Often it appears during or just after pregnancy.

Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedies and Tips

If you do not want to either spend the amount charged on products to cure this, there are homemade remedies that will be able to make a big difference. As with the store bought products they will not cure the condition but will be able to lessen the symptoms.

Vitamin A is the main vitamin that will help here. It can be found in many food items, but can also be taken by way of a supplement in tablet form. A completely cheap and natural way to clear your skin is to spend half an hour a day in the sun. This may not be possible to do all year round, and will obviously mean that you will need to wear sun screen, but by doing this you will notice a big chance in the appearance of your skin. As with the treatment for sun related skin conditions yoghurt can help. If you don’t mind sitting around the house covered in yoghurt for 15 to 20 minutes this will make an improvement. Having done this it will be best to take a bath and it can be washed off with an exfoliating bath product. For a homemade cream you can mix sugar with a small amount of sour cream and rub this onto the skin. This will be cheaper than and as effective as yoghurt, and as the sugar is granular, there will not be the need to introduce anything else to exfoliate on this occasion.

Following a good moisturizing routine will help keep the bumps at bay. Unfortunately this alone will rarely show great improvement but in conjunction with the other advice you should see an improvement. Winter will be worse and it may be best to invest in a humidifier. Letting your skin dry out is the worst thing that can happen and will mean that all the treatment you had undergone before will have been for nothing.

Your diet can also do its bit in helping to reduce the condition. Fatty acids and Omega should be included in the diet. Omega is found in oily fish and as long as you can stand the smell, you will not only be eating something that can help your skin, but is also low in fat and considered a help for oiling joints and helping fight against arthritis and rheumatism. Flax seed and hemp are easy to obtain and adding them to your diet will combine with the other measures you are taking to clear your skin up. The effect the food will have in this instance is that they help the skin to exfoliate itself and as the old layers fall away, so do the toxins that had been causing the inflammation. Something that can be part of many people’s normally bathing routine can help remove the blemishes from the skin.

Exfoliating mitts are widely available and they can be used to remove the skin in the affected areas. Special soaps can be used with this as although it is not a common problem, on occasions normal soap will not work, and while they will not further aggravate the skin, it may negate the process that you have just carried out. Do not rub too hard as you could just further damage the skin. Rather than rub yourself dry afterwards, just gently pat your body and the skin will have time to soak in more of the water.

It will be important to rehydrate the body inside as well as out. Increase the amount of water you drink, and where possible replace other drinks with plain water. There are certain products on the market that work as internal cleansers. Some herbal ones only take three days to work. You need to mix the concoction with water and drink it throughout the day. Along with this you can only eat fruit and vegetables and the claim is that it will completely cleanse you inside.

Urea cream is recommended to treat Keratosis Pilaris, but you may be uncomfortable about using this, knowing where it came from and also knowing that there are plenty of other creams also on the market. Urea cream is made of nitrogen that has been moved from the blood and into urine. Many people will use urine in an attempt to keep their skin young and fresh but it is not for everyone.

Products That Give Extra Help

There are a number of natural products that are recommended if you do want to get a little help.

• Rose Hip Oil – this is oil that comes from the rose bush. It has unique properties and is the only vegetable oil that contains vitamin A. It is well known as a treatment for skin complaints and most of it is produced in Chile and Argentina.

• Burt’s Bees Exfoliating Soap – this will help remove the layers of skin that look reddened and will not cause any damage. It is ideal for men to use as it does not have a smell that will make people think they have been using women’s toiletries. Another plus is it is not tested on animals.

Once you have worked out a routine that you can cope with and makes a difference to the skin you will find that Keratosis Pilaris is not impossible to live with. It cannot be treated by laser, as it is a genetic disorder and this will not permanently stop it but it is comforting to know that there are plenty of treatments out there.

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