Sore Throat in the Morning?

Waking up with a sore throat can be an unfortunate way to start the day and it can make it hard for you to get the motivation you need to drag yourself out of bed and to your respective work/school run. Being motivated day in and day out to get up early is hard enough, so it’s not a help when you have to contend with what feels like an almighty cold.

If you experience this regularly then it can be highly frustrating and you may well be understandably wondering what has caused it and how you can go about solving the problem. Here we will look at how to rid yourself of a sore throat and what might be causing it in the first place. There are many potential causes, so read below and see if any of these might affect you.


If you are snoring in the night, or just sleeping with your mouth open, then this can cause your throat to get very dried out and horse from all the air. If you aren’t sure whether you’re snoring or not then you might want to consider asking your partner, or perhaps recording yourself as you sleep if you normally sleep alone.

If you find that you are indeed snoring chronically then there are three common causes: smoking, obesity and genetics. Try losing weight and quitting smoking if applicable. If not you might want to see a doctor about whether your skull or nose are causing you to snore and whether you might benefit from surgery or a snoring guard. While you attempt to lose weight, forcing yourself to sleep on your side (by wearing a back pack for instance) can be a good way to reduce snoring in the meantime.

Temporary snoring meanwhile may be caused by a blocked nose. Try using a VapoRub on your chest before sleeping, or inhaling some steam for a while to unblock your passage ways.


During the night we can get very dehydrated as we are going for a long periods without any water. If this is your problem then make sure you get lots of water just before you go to sleep, and try sleeping with a glass on your table so that you can drink first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You may also find that your room is too dry, and in this case you can benefit from using a humidifier. This is particularly likely if you live in a very dry and arid environment.

Dehydration may also be a symptom of other problems. This could for instance be a symptom of diabetes, so you may want to go for a blood test if it persists. Meanwhile you may also want to look into your medication, as some of these can cause dehydration. Consult with your doctor.

Hay Fever

If you feel like you have a cold in the morning every day and then it goes away, then this might well be hay fever. Just because you weren’t aware you suffered from hay fever doesn’t mean that’s not what’s causing it either – you can develop hay fever at any age, and the symptoms and triggers are different for each person. Try sleeping with the window closed and your air conditioning on, and consider taking antihistamines before you go to sleep to see if this makes a difference.

Acid Reflux

Sometimes we can experience acid reflux while we are sleeping and this can leave us with a burning sensation and unpleasant taste when we wake up. The best solution is to make sure not to eat any big meals for at least a couple of hours before going to sleep, and preferably not eating anything at all.


Of course it may also just be that you are developing a cold in which case a combination of the cold itself and sleeping with your mouth open can make your throat very sore. Make sure you get plenty of rest to recover and consider supplementing your diet with some vitamin C for a while.

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