How the Acute Stress Reaction Turns You Into a Superhuman!


One of the bitter ironies of being stressed is the fact that being stressed often makes you more stressed. In other words, if you’re very stressed then you will be worried about the fact that you’re stressed and this in turn adds to your existing stress. For this reason then it’s important to put stress in perspective and to realize that it’s not all bad. In fact stress...

Understanding and Controlling Stress Hormones


What is stress? While it’s a fairly abstract term, most of us would probably say that we can recognize it when we experience it – it’s a feeling of anxiousness, an inability to relax and the obsessive concern that something bad is imminently going to happen. That’s stress and almost all of us would also explain it as something that we don’t enjoy and would like to avoid...

Kaizen – How to Reduce Stress Throughout the Day With Small Changes


At any given point in time you are likely to find yourself encountering some amount of anxiety, stress and general discomfort. Every day we are faced with challenges that make us anxious, stressed out and upset and this is just a normal part of life. Even something as simple as being stuck in traffic, running late for work or having to make difficult decisions about what to wear can cause stress...

How to De-Stress – Simple Steps to Find Calm When You Need It


Experiencing distress? Then you need to de-stress! Stress is a serious problem and something that can affect us negatively in many ways; often without us even realizing it. If you find your stress levels increasing, then it is highly important that you know how to take some time out and how to de-stress effectively. In this post, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to effectively get...

What Is PTSD?


PTSD is the acronym for post-traumatic stress disorder – a condition triggered by exposure to extreme traumatic situations and resulting in numerous symptoms such as heightened arousal, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, jumpiness, increased heart rate and more. You’ve probably heard about PTSD on the news or seen it portrayed in films, but what is PTSD really? What actually happens in the...

What Is the Definition of Stress?


Most of us would probably say that we know what stress is. Unfortunately we would often probably claim to be intimately familiar with the concept, especially if we hold down a 9-5 job that has us constantly under pressure, or if we have a boss that we perhaps don’t always get on with like a house on fire. But how do you actually define stress? Are there different kinds? And what causes it...

Spiritual Stress Symptoms


If the following symptoms occur on a regular basis then they could be stress related and it is advisable to seek medical advice: Experience a sense of inner emptiness. Life has no meaning. The future looks bleak. You are unforgiving. See very few positive things in life. Often a martyr. Frequently cynical. Feel apathetic. Have self-doubts about your work. Constantly need to prove yourself. Feel...

Tips to Prevent Exam Stress


For some people, even the thought of having to take an exam may cause stress. Some people even experience test anxiety. This may be caused by fear of failure, lack of preparation, or previous negative testing experience. Exam stress can be positive for some people who work better under pressure. However, for some, exam stress can be negative and actually lead to poor test scores. Therefore, it is...

Ten Ways to Reduce the Stress of a Job Interview


It’s important to remember when you’re going for a job interview that the purpose of the interview is to assess your suitability for the job. You are not being assessed as a parent or an athlete or a lover, unless of course, those qualifications and skills are needed to do the job for which you are applying. Don’t frame the interview as a cross-examination that will determine...

12 Proven Strategies for Reducing Work Stress


Stress management is not just a personal responsibility it is also a corporate responsibility. Corporate stress management is expressed in the development and promotion of a culture that consists of, but is not limited to, these 12 strategies: 1. Staff know what is expected of them and have clear directions and goals; 2. Employees are provided with good technologies, equipment and tools that...

John Townsend

John Townsend

My name is John Townsend and I have been working as a Stress Management Consultant since 1986. My seminar, Get Tough With Stress, has been presented to thousands of people throughout the world and shows people how to toughen up to stress and to transform stressful experiences into valuable learning experiences.

My clients include many of Australia’s largest companies plus Australian Government Departments and agencies. One of my greatest personal joys was to present my Get Tough With Stress programme to staff of the Australian Parliament.

Over the past 15 years I have been presenting to large numbers of Chief Executive Officers through an organisation called The Executive Connection (TEC). I have been privileged to receive the highest honours bestowed on speakers by TEC, an organisation dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of Chief Executives.

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