Tips for Creating a Stress Free Zone


Stress is unfortunately a simple fact of life and this is truer now than ever before. We developed our stress responses once upon a time to help excite our bodies to the point where we would be able to escape predators and outperform competitors. Today however the stressors in our life are chronic and on-going, and the fatigue that this constant state of arousal can put on our bodies and brains...

How to Use Biofeedback to Combat Stress


Stress is one of the biggest challenges to mental health that the majority of us face today on a regular basis. It seems that all of us are constantly overworked, juggling too many balls in the air, and working to deadlines with no time to just unwind. Most of us need both hands and feet to count the number of things playing on our mind and this can leave us feeling like nervous wrecks. But being...

What Is Eustress? Why You Need a Little More Stress in Your Life!


Most of us consider stress to be a bad thing. When we hear about it, it’s normally in a negative context where we speak about just how damaging it is for our health or for our happiness. And it’s true for the most part too: the majority of us are far too stressed on a regular basis which contributes to poor sleep, bad moods, more regular illness, unhealthy weight loss/gain and more...

Stress and Cholesterol – How the Two Are Linked


Stress has long been known to increase blood pressure and heart rate and a link between stress and these symptoms is well established. However, what is less well known is that stress can also lead to increased cholesterol. Nevertheless, there appears to be a correlation and there are a few potential theories as to why this may be the case. Understanding the Connection Between Stress and...

Pets and PTSD


Post traumatic stress can be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life and an incredibly difficult thing to get through. Whatever the cause of the stress, dealing with the aftermath can sometimes be a lonely and frightening experience. While nothing can make the difficult memories or the pain go away however, there are certain comforts in life that can help you through these...

Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Sexual Dysfunction?


Stress can have a devastating effect on an individual’s sex life, affecting not only performance but also arousal and even desire. Unfortunately, as our world grows ever more crowded and fast-paced, stress rates look certain to increase. Stress and its Causes The word “stress,” like the word “depression,” is used far too casually. To begin with, a distinction must be...

What Is the Diathesis Stress Model?


The diathesis stress model is a psychological model that attempts to explain why we develop mental disorders. The underlying assumption is that all mental disorders are born out of an interaction between genetics and life experience. The Fundamentals In order for someone to suffer from a mental health difficult such as OCD for instance, someone must have the genetic predisposition to begin with...

What Is a Stress Rash?


Have you ever been stressed, ill or run-down only to notice that you get a rash all over your skin? This is what is known as either hives or a stress rash. Let’s look at what a stress rash is, where it comes from, whether it’s a problem and what to do about it. Do You Have a Stress Rash? The term stress rash does not really refer to any one issue but is actually more of an umbrella...

Psoriasis: Stress Related?


In the television special Fear and Faith featuring Derren Brown, the hypnotist and illusionist gave participants a placebo to treat all kinds of different conditions. These ranged from crippling social anxiety, to phobias, to smoking, to psoriasis. By the end of course, he had shown how the power of belief is enough to overcome all kinds of conditions (it wouldn’t be a very rewarding...

How Stress and Heartburn Are Linked


Stress can cause a great many unexpected symptoms and one of the most surprising is heartburn. If you’ve been suffering from indigestion or heartburn that is making it hard for you to sleep, then it may well be that stress is causing the problem. Here we will look in more detail at the link between stress and heartburn and at what you can do to reduce these symptoms. Why stress and...

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman

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