How Important Is Sexual Compatibility?


The question of how good the bedroom chemistry may be with a partner can generate a certain degree of concern and unease in some people. This can arise in the early stages of a relationship as well as further down the road when attraction is at a lull and the initial spark seems to be dissipated. Research has consistently found that sexual compatibility weighs in strongly as a factor in...

Ways to Make Your Date Feel Comfortable Your First Time Out


When two people are anticipating their first time out together they can build up a lot of internal expectation. This sense of expectation, in turn, can generate nervousness, edginess, scattered thinking and confused emotions. It’s hard not to think about the future. If this date goes smoothly then there will probably be more. If the date is uncomfortable then that could spell the end of any...

Seven Things to Think About Before Moving in With Your Partner


Deciding to share a house with your partner is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your relationship, demonstrating to your other half your commitment to both them and your life together. It may be a spontaneous decision early in your relationship or something you choose to do after a couple of years of dating. Moving in together is a big step either way though and the process of...

What Your Partner’s Body Language Is Telling You


A lot of the information that is communicated in the course of any conversation is actually non-verbal. This communication happens through posture, gestures and stances that may be largely unconscious. You can learn to read these subtle cues to get a better sense of where you stand with the person you’re talking to. What is s/he really feeling? This sort of detective work can be especially...

Why Some People Seek the Roller-Coaster Relationship


Not everyone gets caught up in the seductive pull of a roller-coaster relationship. For some men and women, however, it wields an eerie appeal. The opportunity to involve one’s self with someone unstable – someone who vacillates between emotional extremes and/or erratic behaviors – can be a strong enticement. Like a ride on a real roller-coaster, the feeling can be exhilarating. Life never gets...

How to Survive the Family Vacation


Whether as miserable children stuck in the back of a car, bored teenagers who just wanted to stay behind with their friends, or despairing parents bickering about directions and money, most people have experienced the ugly side of the family vacation. So it is hardly surprising that a recent U.K. survey revealed four out of every five parents do not look forward to it. And yet this is supposed to...

How to Stop Feelings of Boredom in a Relationship


The initial infatuation stage of a relationship harbors wonderful feelings of euphoria. While this point in a relationship is great, a couple will find these feelings fade as the relationship carries on. This can leave one or both members feeling bored and frustrated with a perfectly good partnership. If you feel your relationship has become dull, don’t call it quits just yet. These tips can help...

How to Stop Loving Someone


Few experiences are so excruciating as continuing to love someone who has ceased to love you. But can you really switch off so powerful a feeling as love? People who find themselves in such a situation often have to endure the cliches of well-meaning friends, from “he was never good enough for you” to, worst of all, “you’ll meet someone new.” As those in love know...

How Do You Know When You’re Ready for a Relationship?


Getting into a new relationship is an exciting time and magical even, but it’s also something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you get into a relationship you will be placing a lot of hope in it going well and staking a lot of your emotional well-being on it. At the same time, the other person will be doing the same thing and it’s your responsibility to them to make sure...

Meeting the Parents for the First Time


Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Meeting new people is often awkward at the best of times without the added significance of this moment weighing you down even further. The reputation of days spent meeting parents has not been helped by horror stories from friends or comedy films either – don’t try watching ‘Meet the...

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman

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