Facing Serious Illness When You Have No One to Support You


At the back of most people’s mind lurks a dark fear: that of being both seriously ill and totally alone. Indeed, we spend much of our lives trying to avoid such a fate. It explains why people rush into bad marriages, for example, have children they may not really want and put up with friends they no longer like. Abandonment People who never married, or never had children, assume that those...

New Study Shows That Synesthesia Can Be Learned!


Synesthesia, or its cousin ‘ideasthesia’, is a phenomenon in which individuals experience cross modal ‘qualia’ in response to certain triggers. In other words, perceiving letters or numbers might cause them to see colors or hear sounds, or hearing sounds might cause them to see colors. It was previously believed that all forms of synesthesia were the result of specific...

Savant Syndrome Explained


Savant syndrome is a condition where ‘prodigious’ abilities are demonstrated by individuals beyond what would usually be considered ‘normal’. Often, these abilities will be exhibited by those who otherwise would be considered to have neurodevelopmental disorders – and particularly (though not exclusively) autism. It can also be common among patients with brain...

Perceiving the World: The Mythic and the Scientific


C. S. Lewis once remarked that the greatest change in all human history came with the birth of modern science. But Lewis had more in mind than the ideas and discoveries. He was referring to the new way of looking at, or perceiving, the world. It is claimed that this scientific worldview replaced the religious, which may be true. But religion is ultimately a branch of mythology. As the American...

How to Look Thinner: Tips and Tricks to Look Skinnier


Anorexia is not necessarily a gender thing. Er… what I mean is that this desire to lose weight (and look thinner) is not necessarily restricted to women. This was brought home in watching the movie ‘Seabiscuit’, with Tobey Maguire playing the role of a jockey. And man, they hardly eat anything! Even if they do, they vomit it out in the morning just before race time. It’s bizarre how much...

Longer Lifespans & Adjustments to Lengthen Lives


All over the developed world people are living longer. And it is a trend that looks certain to continue. Obviously, this will affect many areas of life, from work and pensions to relationships and mental health. Like it or not, people are going to have to adjust to longer and longer lifespans. Living Longer It is interesting to observe the way journalists cover stories dealing with life extension...

The Feminine and Masculine Gender Roles and Stress


Over the last few years, gender studies have become an increasingly popular academic subject. In day to day life, however, gender roles can be a source of stress. What Is Gender? Gender is usually contrasted with sex. The latter refers to the biological differences between people. So, for example, a woman will have breasts and a man will have a penis. Their sex is determined by nature. Gender, on...

What Is Gender?


In March 2017, Time magazine ran a special issue on gender, using the words “beyond he or she” on the front cover. And they are not alone in their interest. Gender, once of concern mostly to academics and writers, has now caught the attention of the mainstream. But what is gender? And why do so many people find the whole subject so confusing – and annoying? Biology, Sexuality and...

Spinoza: A Philosopher for the 21st Century


In his book God is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens calls for a second enlightenment to sweep away faith-based religion. And he is not alone in this wish. Authors like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and many others have recently published books attacking organized religion. Yet, though many would agree that reason and tolerance are important, the longing for some kind of spiritual...

Effects of Novelty and Danger on the Brain – The Best Type of ‘Natural High’


All of us want to feel more alive and invigorated and everyone feels great when they’re completely focused on what’s happening around them and they’re entirely ‘in the moment’. This kind of feeling comes about rarely but when it does it can not only lead to euphoric sensations but also help to increase our performance, productivity, creativity and more. This is what...

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman

Keith Hillman is a full time writer specializing in psychology as well as the broader health niche. He has a BSc degree in psychology from Surrey University, where he particularly focused on neuroscience and biological psychology. Since then, he has written countless articles on a range of topics within psychology for numerous of magazines and websites. He continues to be an avid reader of the latest studies and books on the subject, as well as self-development literature.