An Introduction to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation


Note: This article is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only – don’t try this at home. Want to hear about an incredibly science-fiction sounding concept that’s going on right now? Transcranial direct current stimulation. This is a procedure that involves running weak electrical currents through your brain, via your scalp, in order to combat conditions like...

Are Dolphins Smarter Than Humans?


One of the defining traits of humanity – other than our intelligence – is just how smart we think we are. Since the dawn of civilisation humans have believed themselves to be superior to every other life form on the planet and have acted in accordance with this world view. Humans – Not All That? But precisely what we base this on is not always certain. Sure, we’ve managed to build things...

What Is AMPk? A Key Metabolic Regulator Explained


AMPk is a molecule and is more technically known as AMP-activated protein kinase. In recent studies, this molecule has become something of a star player when looking at the processes behind weight loss, energy and muscle building. This makes it a substance of interest for anyone trying to lose weight or improve their performance… Much of what we known about AMPk is theoretical at this stage and...

How the Brain’s GPS Works


Even if you consider yourself terrible at directions (that would make us kindred spirits…), the ability of your brain to know where it is in space and ‘which way to go’ is actually pretty incredible. It seems that all of us have a type of innate ‘GPS’ that helps us to get around and recent research has shined some light on how this works… which makes for some pretty...

Is There Such Thing as Truth Serum?


We’ve all seen films where the protagonists will be given a truth serum and then instantly blurt out their entire life story and give the game away to the bad guys. It happens in True Lies, The Good Shepherd, Agents and Shields and countless other shows and movies, but is it possible? Looking at this from a scientific standpoint, is there any drug or any other means that can genuinely get...

Why Are Some People Born With Tails?


Unbeknownst to most of us, human DNA is absolutely full of now defunct information – and our bodies as a result are filled with useless parts that don’t do anything. You might be under the illusion that every part of your body should play an important role in helping you to survive, but the reality is quite different and actually you have many parts that are just a waste of space… Vestigial...

An Amazing Hangover Cure That Works: Honey and Banana Sandwiches


I had been promised great things by hangover cures in the past but always been let down. ‘Hair of the dog’ simply doesn’t work, and Paracetamol seems to barely put a dent in my worst examples of hangovers. So for a long time I had to just grin and bear it until the pain subsides… But then a couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to a hangover cure that actually works...

What Is the Connection Between East Asia and Alcohol Redness?


If you are Chinese or have any Chinese friends, then you may have noticed what’s called an ‘alcohol flush reaction’ or ‘Asian glow’. In other words, when some Asian’s drink alcohol, they experience a redness or even blotchiness after their first few drinks. If you experience this reaction yourself, then you might be interested to know what causes it and...

Are UV Rays Damaging Through a Window?


All of us know that too much direct sunlight on our skin is not good for us, though we don’t always act in accordance with that fact. While a little sun is great for increasing our production of vitamin D, for improving our mood and for giving us a healthy-looking glow, too much of it can cause sunburn, make you look wrinkly in older age and drastically increase your chances of getting skin...

The Health Benefits of the Squatting Position


‘Squatting’ is the position in which you squat down on the spot so that your legs are completely bent while your back is still straight. Often we will squat with our elbows on our knees and while resting our buttocks on our heels (with feet on tip toes). You probably knew that already but what you possibly didn’t know, is that squatting like this just so happens to be really...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki is a full time writer who spends most of his time in the coffee shops of London. Adam has a BSc in psychology and is an amateur bodybuilder with a couple of competition wins to his name. His other interests are self improvement, general health, transhumanism and brain training. As well as writing for websites and magazines, he also runs his own sites and has published several books and apps on these topics.

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