Do You Dream in Color? Analyze the Meanings of Colors in Your Dreams

Dreams are an integral part of our lives. That being said, they are somewhat of a mystery for most of us. Despite endless number of studies, they still remain as an unsolved puzzle which seems to intrigue, enlighten and surprise us all the time. It’s believed that more than 80% of our dreams are colorful and the rest are just black and white.

Today, colors are seen as a great way to intercept our dreams. Experts reckon that the colors that we witness in our dreams have great significance with respect to our personal feeling and experiences in life. Let’s have a look at the meanings of different colors that we witness in our dreams.


The black color signifies something dark and mysterious. It’s usually mourning or hate feeling accompanied with lots of fear. Black color is also seen as a color of uncertainty. If you have a positive dream in black then it could be an indication of certain spiritual qualities or gifts.


The blue color signifies many qualities such as truth, openness, loyalty and wisdom. In some cases, it can also serve as an indication or a desire to get rid of somebody or something in your life. Besides this, the color blue also symbolizes clarity of mind and spirituality. Another feeling associated with this color is sadness.


The presence of color green in your dreams can represent both negative and positive feelings. On a positive note, green color is an indication of growth, good health, peace, recovery, positive change and hope. On the negative side, the color green represents unwanted qualities such as jealousy, deceit and cheating. It’s also an indication of selfish behavior and materialism.


The brown color is a good sign which indicates practicality and down to earth nature of an individual.


The color pink is a reflection of love, kindness, affection and bravery.


The color gray is a negative color that is wrapped with feeling of fear, confusion and depression. It also signifies bad health and emotionally detached feelings.


The purple color reflects lots of positivity in terms of dignity, devotion, kindness and royalty. It could also be an indication of love and recovery.


The orange is an outgoing color that reflects friendly nature and loads of energy and happiness.


The color white is a reflection of purity and freshness. Besides this, it indicates perfection and holiness.


The red color also indicates loads of things such as pure energy, aggressiveness, love/hate feeling and controlling behavior.


The yellow color denotes intelligence, happiness and fresh beginners in life.


Lastly, pastel color indicates weakness of a certain color.

As one can see all the colors that appear in our dreams have some significance in our lives. However, most of us fail to pay heed to the color symbolism in our dreams. This is mainly due to ignorance or lack of knowledge about the subject.

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