Marrying a Younger Woman Helps Men Live Longer

Since ages, we have been fighting to figure out the formula for longevity. While there is no magic pill that guarantees overnight longevity, there are several documented means that can potentially promote long and healthy living. So far, we have been told to watch out our diet, workout regularly, stay away from alcohol and other toxic substances in order to lead a disease free and long life. All these suggestions sound logical. However, were you aware of the fact that marrying a younger woman can also help men live longer?

Recent studies have unleashed a jaw-dropping verdict that one of the secrets to longevity is to marry someone younger than your age or of your same age. Researchers conclude that men live longer if they marry younger women. According to this report, men marrying women 15 or 17 years younger than them reduce their chances of premature death by one fifth. The same study suggests that men reduce their chances of premature death by at least 11% by choosing wife seven to nine years younger than them. On the other hand, choosing an older wife would mean increasing one’s chances of premature death by 11%.

Interestingly, this study did not hold true when tested on women. It has been observed that women opting for younger husbands do not enjoy similar benefits. As a matter of fact, women who marry men seven times their junior are at an increased risk of mortality by around 20%. Now, the big question that arises over here is how does the age of your partner have such a dominating role in increasing your longevity? Some theories believe that this has to do with the general health of an individual. For instance, if an individual in his forties or fifties is healthy and good looking, he might attract lots of younger women towards him. So, his overall health has been good in the first place, and handpicking a younger wife has only contributed to the cause. While this sounds logical, some researchers are not willing to buy this logic.

In fact, most experts aren’t able to determine the exact cause over here as yet. Some claim that younger women provide a mental boost to a person, thereby helping one lead a longer life. Not to forget the fact that younger women are more sexually active and full of life in comparison to older women. This could well be a reason for a man’s wellbeing and long life. Another theory claims that younger women are able to take better care of their husband, thereby promoting longevity.

Now, one might wonder why women who marry younger men do not enjoy similar benefits. Although no report out there has come up with a convincing reply on this as yet, it’s believed that women tying the knot with younger man tend to go against societal expectations, which implies that they do not have a good network of friends. Lack of social support can lead to increased health complications in life since we tend to bottle up our negative emotions and thoughts which eventually make way for stress, depression and other unwanted ailments.

While the studies conducted so far did have its share of evidences and other back up reports, the logic of longevity may not apply to everyone out there. At the end of the day, what really matters is the kind of relationship that you share with your partner. For instance, if you are married to a younger woman who can’t stand your presence and vice-versa, do you think that the above study will have any positive implications on your health? So, be sure to marry for the right reasons and not merely for the age factor.

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