Aquarius Attitude to Relationships

Aquarius is described as the eccentric thinker in astrology, and believed to be highly creative, lateral thinking, scientific, independent and unpredictable. They can then be seen as close to the archetype of the ‘absent minded professor’ and indeed it seems many inventors and thinkers are Aquarius in their star sign. Thus they are highly important and creative individuals, but how do they fair in love?

Aquarius in Love

Of course having such an interesting and thoughtful partner can be highly exciting and they are likely to provide mental stimulation and lots of fascinating insight. At the same time their uniqueness and their creativity can be highly attractive and they will likely win many admirers as a result. Their very rational and logical view of life meanwhile can be at once a curse and a blessing when it comes to relationships and you are likely to find that they are very reasonable and not prone to emotional outbursts, but at the same time that they may seem somewhat cold and calculating in their view of emotions which can be frustrating for a highly emotional partner. That said their own predictability can mean that they sometimes are hard to predict and that they can come across as illogical themselves. For instance they find a lot of fun in the bedroom, but only when they are in the right frame of mind. In other areas of life they can also be erratic and may seem to ‘come and go as they please’. This may similarly mean that they are not great with responsibility and this can also be a result of their thoughts being ‘elsewhere’ rather than on the matter in hand.

Aquarius and Commitment

However the more concerning aspect of dating an Aquarius is that they tend to shy away from commitment. This then means that they may bolt if they begin to feel ‘trapped’ or committed and it may even result in their being unfaithful if this is not reigned in. Aquarius despises routine, and in order to avoid these feelings they need to be given space, and to be challenged and engaged at all times.


Partners should be willing to try new things and to keep the attention of Aquarius. At the same time they need to respect their individuality and to be able to engage intellectually with their partner.

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  1. In my experience, Aquarians can be oblivious to other people's feelings and the hurt they can cause through their being a little too self absorbed. They do tend to be unfaithful as they don't like the routine of a relationship, and constantly need to have their ego stroked. This can become very tiresome for any partner of an Aquarius, as the Aquarian does not return the favor.

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