How to Find Solace

Solace is a fairly abstract concept but one that we all basically understand. Finding solace essentially means finding ‘peace’ – and coming to terms with something tragic that has happened by finding comfort in a way of looking at it or from another source. The time we find solace is the time that we first of all are able to for a moment return to normal and find some sense of peace.

As such we all seek solace after something tragic has happened to us. It may be after someone we loved has died, or it may be when we lose our job, end a romantic relationship or get other bad news. So how do you find solace and for the immediate future at least feel some sense of peace and consolation. Here we will look at some suggestions that can help you to feel comforted in the wake of a tragic event.

Turn to loved ones

It can often help to turn to our loved ones and one of the best places to find solace is in the arms of those we love. This reminds us that while things may be going wrong, and while you may have lost an important part of your life, there are other people that you love and that love you back. By focussing more efforts on them you can make the most of the time you have with them.

Think ahead

If something bad has happened such as the loss of a job, then looking ahead can remind you that soon things will change and you will find yourself in a better situation again. This can offer some solace as you realise that the ‘bad times’ will not last forever and that soon you will be back on top.

Think back

They say that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all. They also say that all good things come to an end. While this might not seem like consolation at the time, try to focus on the positive aspects of what you learned from the person or the experience and the good times you had. You will always have the memories and if you live on taking on board the lessons you learned from the experience then it will not all have been in vain.

Face your emotions

Hiding from your emotions will not help you come to terms with what’s happened and if you can go through the storm then you will come out of it feel refreshed and ready to move on. In some cases it does not hurt to get help from a professional therapist who can help you to come to terms with your emotions in a more healthy way.

Remember we’ve all felt the same

Sometimes you can find solace not in the suffering of others, but in the understanding that it is a normal part of life. Everyone goes through the same heartbreak for one reason or another during their lives and at least that means you are not alone. It can help as well to see what others who have been in the same situation did to find solace so talk it through with people who know what they are talking about.


  1. This is a very good definition of solace and some ideas for finding it. I would add that meditation and self-hypnosis help people get through difficult times.

  2. It was a really helpful article. Thank You!

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