How to Know If a Woman Loves You: Signs That She Loves You

In relationships, very few things are crystal clear and can be determined with certitude. When it comes to love, and particularly women, men can experience difficulties in deciding if a woman loves them or not. If you too are confused and don’t know how to interpret the signals you’re getting from a particular woman, read on as these tips will prove themselves useful in analyzing the difference between a simple affection and actual love.

She Tells You

First of all, there’s nothing like the truth, so if she comes right at you telling you how deeply she’s in love with you, without being challenged or asked to confess that by someone else, chances are that she most probably is in love with you. The way she reveals the truth to you combined with the look in her eyes should prompt you into determining if she’s 100% sure of her love for you or not.

A woman in love will show a lot of interest in the life of a particular guy, so if she starts being extremely curious, sincerely and profoundly interested in every aspect of your life, asking about your day, wanting to know everything about your past, as well as present life, you should stop second guessing yourself as her love for you seems pretty genuine.

She Knows You Completely

A woman in love will know exactly what to do to make you smile, she will be the first to figure out what makes you feel special, and she won’t ever make an inappropriate gift to you as she knows all too well what excites you and what not. You’ll get the feeling that she knows you even better than your best friend, and she will rival with him to earn your attention.

Another sign proving she’s in love with you is that she will begin acting very affectionate and attentive to make sure your every need and desire is properly met. She’ll grow very empathic towards you, and really sensitive about everything in connection with you. Being in her company will make you believe no one understands you better than her for she will make a lot of efforts in trying to know you and figure out the parts you might have refused to tell her.

Increase in Communication

If she’s in love with you, don’t be surprised if you notice a heavy increase in the texts, e-mails, messages and phone calls you receive from her. She will most likely be without a purpose when getting in touch with you for a woman in love will immediately think about you and miss you, and she won’t resist the urge of hearing your voice or receiving a few words from you.

A woman in love will try her best to be around you as much as possible. She will postpone appointments, be late for meetings, she will cancel something less important in a heartbeat, she will skip classes, her usual itinerary will be deeply affected as she wants to spend as much time with you as possible. She won’t think twice about clearing up her busy schedule for you without letting you know about it. If she was a really busy person when you met her, she will suddenly look so available you’ll tend to ask her if she began her holiday or if she lost her job. There will be nothing stopping her to be with you, so you might find yourself bumping into her even if you knew she left town for a certain purpose.

A woman in love feels good talking to that special someone, so you’ll notice that she will cease every opportunity of talking with you, and she will share secrets and intimate things for she will blindly trust you like no other. You’ll be surprised to know things that nobody else knows.

If she’s in love with you, she will confess how great she feels around you and how much her life has changed and been enriched since she met you. Everything in connection with you will make her feel wonderful, and she won’t hesitate in letting you know how much influence you gained in her life.

Body Language and Gifts

A sign that she’s in love with you can be translated through her making unexpected, yet pleasant things to surprise you, whether it’s showing up at your workplace with dinner, offering you gifts in the form of things you always wanted to have or waiting beside your door to accompany you to your doctor’s appointment when she knows how ‘eager’ you are to step into a clinic.

A woman in love enjoys being physically close to the person she appreciates so much, so you should guess her profound feelings from her body language. She will touch you often, and not necessarily in a sexual way. She will be caught glazing at you often, she will blush and smile when she sees you or when you’re brought into a discussion, and you might even notice her goose bumps when she’s near you.

She will talk very excitedly about the future, making plans regarding it and telling you about the things she wants the two of you to do together. It does not necessarily have to picture you as a cliché with the house and the white fence, but rather she will make subtle hints, whilst imagining building a future with you in it.


If she’s in love with you, she will talk about you with others. Women cannot stop themselves from thinking and talking about a person whom they want to build a relationship with, so the best way to know if she’s in love with you is by asking her closest ones if she mentions you or not. Chances are that everyone knows about her love for you, you being the last one to finally know. Once she’s in love with you, she will be deeply interested in wanting to know your parents and your friends, and she will also introduce you to theirs. Everyone will notice how she lights up when you’re around.

Jealousy and Worry

When it comes to women who are in love, the people around them including you will notice a sudden makeover in the way they look. Her makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories will change as she will do anything to try and impress you. If she’s in love with you, she won’t be bothered with dealing with other guys, as you’re now the only one she focuses her attention on. If she notices other women in your company, she will get jealous, and a hint of jealousy is one of the best signs of making you realize you won her heart.

A woman in love will worry about you, and won’t be able to stay away if she notices you’re having problems. She will let you know of her availability in case you need her, and she will be deeply concerned and interested in any situation that troubles you. She will also feel the need to take care of you – women have a natural instinct to attend to the needs of the people they care about without being asked for their help.

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