How to Make Life More Exciting and Adventurous

If you have ever felt a sense of dissatisfaction with life then you are not alone and this is something that most of us have probably felt at one point or another. When you were a child you no doubt dreamed of being an action hero, an astronaut, a film star or a rock sensation, and had aspirations for greatness beyond sitting in an office and commuting every day in the rain. Sometimes life can feel very dull and bland compared to the movies or novels, and when things do get exciting then they tend not to be exciting in quite the positive, romantic way that we would like (normally there’s screaming and crying involved in my experience… ).

But while life might not be that much like a Hollywood movie, that doesn’t mean that it has to be bland or unsatisfying, and actually if you know how then there are many different ways to make every month, every week and every day a lot more exciting. Here are a few different suggestions as to how you can do just that – if you make an effort to do at least a few of these things regularly then you’ll find that life starts to seem a little more exciting for you.

Get Some Adrenaline

There are plenty of ways you can get more adrenaline, whether that means going skydiving, driving a fast car, or trying the ‘Jet Lev’ water jet packs. There are plenty of extreme sports and activities to try out, and you can do a lot of them surprisingly cheaply too.

Buy Gadgets

They say that money can’t buy you happiness and surely ‘buying stuff’ isn’t the answer to any feelings of dissatisfaction with life? Actually though buying the right gadgets can help to make life a lot more exciting in many ways and playing around with them can make a memorable day that isn’t just your run of the mill way to spend time.

For instance, why not buy yourself a pair of PowerBocks and go for a run on huge jumping stilts? Life is rarely boring when you’re learning to front flip over cars. Or on the other hand why not buy yourself a telescope? A Newtonian Reflector is surprisingly cheap but will nevertheless afford you fantastic views of the Saturn’s rings or the craters on the moon. This is a fantastic way to feel a sense of awe that is missing in the office, and if you have a high powered digital camera you can even try your hand at a little astrophotography. Other options include remote control cars and planes, trampolines, or if you’re wealthy – Segways and personal aircrafts.


You rarely feel that life is boring or soulless when you’re on holiday, but holiday isn’t what I’m talking about – I’m talking about traveling in a more exciting way by going to the places that not everyone has been and experiencing them in a way that isn’t just like being a tourist. This might mean for instance that you go somewhere that doesn’t turn up in the Thomas Cook brochures (did you know there’s a desert made of salt?), scuba diving and discovering marine life, or travelling alone/without booking a hotel. When you’re really experiencing a new country and discovering new things it can make life just a little bit more like Indiana Jones…

Set Goals

If your life lacks challenge and excitement then you can solve that by setting yourself a new goal. If your current circumstances aren’t pushing you or challenging you then that’s a perfect reason to give yourself a new goal that you can work towards – and simply having this kind of focus can make life more interesting and prevent you from getting bored. You just have to decide: do you want to build a body like Arnie? Write a best-selling novel? Or complete a marathon?

Increase the Romance

One of the few times when our lives really do feel like Hollywood movies is when we’re dating and we finally meet that special someone. Unfortunately though once we’ve had our happily ever after real life tends to set in which means arguments, stress and a relative lack of romance as we settle into a routine. One way to make life more exciting and give it a little more flavour then is simply to inject some more romance back into your relationship with a surprise trip or by making an effort to take your partner on a special date.

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