How to Instantly Gain Respect From Strangers

First impressions are incredibly important as we know. In the first few moments of interacting with someone, we will quickly make various judgements about them and decide whether we like them, whether we respect them, and whether we are really going to listen to what they have to say.

At the same, in this first window of opportunity there will also likely be some ‘sizing up’ going on. You will try and evaluate whether the person you are talking to is a potential threat and you will instantly fall into dominant and submissive roles – even if you aren’t aware of it at the time. Most people would rather fall into the dominant role here, and if you do you will find that you are more likely to come away having gotten what you want from the interaction.

So how do you quickly going about establishing yourself as the alpha and make sure that you win the respect of people you have just met? Read on to learn one quick tip that can help you do just that…

Forget Being Liked

One of the biggest determining factors in deciding the dominant party in any interaction, is which of you wants to be liked the most. Wanting to be liked is unfortunately always going to make you a little more needy and make you more likely to agree to the other person putting them in charge of the direction of your conversation. The person who wants to be liked more, is more likely to agree with the other person, more likely to nod and act agreeable, and more likely to compromise to make the other person happy. Unconsciously or not, they will recognise this and will then take ‘charge’ of the conversation and become the more confident and assertive party.

In order to make yourself the dominant person in the conversation then and quickly win respect from the other person, there is one easy thing you can do: which is to disagree.

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