One Simple Tip That Will Increase Your Productivity and Discipline – And Takes Two Minutes a Day

Bringing about change in our own behaviour is something that many of us struggle with. Intuitively we may believe ourselves to have dominium over our actions and thoughts, yet sometimes simple things like concentrating on a task, or giving up a bad habit can be seemingly near impossible.

The idea of being able to make yourself considerably more disciplined and focused in just a few minutes a day then is one that many people might find unlikely. Nevertheless it’s precisely the fact that this tip is so easy and simple that makes it as effective as it is. Read on to unlock more of your potential – it won’t take very long…

The Tip

The tip is simple: make your bed properly before you leave the house every morning. That should take you no more than a few minutes and is something that everyone can do. Still though, it can have profound impacts on your behaviour and your ability to focus. Let’s look at why…

Why This Tip Works

Simply making your bed in the morning can help you to become more productive for a number of reasons, but the most important is that you will be practicing making yourself do something on a daily basis. Many of us will make sweeping resolutions to lose weight, to stop smoking or to find new jobs and be surprised when we don’t end up achieving our goals. The problem is that we underestimate just how hard it can be to introduce a new behaviour or belief system. Thus we take on these huge challenges having not had the required practice in building up to them.

Making your bed every morning is something that only requires a little bit of time and effort and which most of us can successfully commit to. By doing just this small thing, you have made the first step in taking control of your own behaviour and forming new and desirable habits. This practice will then mean that when you come to try and convince yourself you need to work out every day, or that you need to stop biting your fingers, you will have a little more mental discipline and a little more self-control. You can then build your way up to improving other more major parts of your life that you would previously have struggled with.

Of course other little self-challenges will work too. If you don’t care much about your bed, you could instead challenge yourself to wash the dishes straight after eating (though this is a little harder), or to eat an apple every day.

Added Bonuses

While any challenge will work to help you become more disciplined, making your bed is a task that is just the right size and also has some added advantages. One of the biggest is that it means your room and so your house, will feel considerably tidier. Now when you set out to start working, you will feel relaxed and at ease in the space rather than claustrophobic because your room is so untidy. This makes a big difference to your mental state and you’ll find it’s much easier to focus.

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  1. Article is short and to the point, and the information makes a lot of sense and is easy to put into practice. I will definitely put it into practice. Bravo.

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