The Most Simple But Smart Self-Improvement Tips

Self-improvement books and articles are highly popular at the moment, in a world that is constantly pushing us to work faster, socialise more and look healthier these tomes offer us somewhere to turn that promises answers. All of us it seems want to be happier, smarter, richer and more popular and there’s a ton of literature out there to help us accomplish those aims. The only problem? The tips often don’t work, or are so convoluted and long-winded that we’ll never see them through anyway.

Self-improvement doesn’t have to be hard and most of the time it’s really as straightforward as it sounds. All that junk about self-fulfilling prophecies, insanity workouts, neurolinguistic programming, ‘the game’ and rapport building may make good reading but sometimes it means we lose sight of what’s really important. It’s time to cut the crap and get to the point. Here are some simple self-improvement tips that take things back to basics…

How to Be Happier

Ask yourself what makes you happy. Now just do those things more often; for me that means eating cereal, playing Sonic games, sitting in the sun and spending time with my closest friends and family (the ones that don’t stress me out). Simples.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The simple way to win friends and influence people is this: be genuinely nice and polite. People will instantly like you more if you smile more often, do them favours and compliment them. It’s not rocket science.

How to Get Into Killer Shape

Choose pretty much any training program. Now just DO that training program every day for the next… forever. Problem solved.

How to Be Richer

Applying for work is like dating – it’s a game of numbers. While you’re in your current job, you can apply to as many other jobs as you like and eventually one of those applications will come back positive. Keep. Moving. Up. The ladder.

Oh and also save. You don’t need to fork out loads on expensive holidays or the latest DVDs – there are cheaper alternatives and if you want to be rich then saving is more proactive.

How to Get More Dates

Getting dates is simply a matter of asking more people out and making yourself look more attractive. Looking more attractive will improve your chances of success, asking more people out will provide you with more opportunities.

So there you go, improving yourself doesn’t have to be hard – it just takes some common sense and a little bit of effort.

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