Top Signs That You’re an Optimist

Everyone knows that the optimist sees the glass as half full but what other tests are there that can indicate you’re a positive kind of person?

Being an optimist is a great gift. Not only does it make the world seem like a constantly better place but it also makes you a happier and more energizing person to be around. Read on to find out whether you’re the kind of person who brings rainbows and sunshine, or whether you’re a bit more doom and gloom than you thought…

#1 You’re always late…

Being optimistic isn’t always a good thing. In fact, it can sometimes get you into trouble. And one time that it’s almost always guaranteed to be bad news is when you need to be somewhere on time. As an optimist, you will always over-estimate the amount you can accomplish in a short timeframe and as such, you will always be rushing at the last minute!

#2 You’re confident and happy in yourself

Not always but very often, optimists have a lot of self-belief and confidence. Why? Because they think everything is great and everyone is great – and when they look in the mirror, they see greatness!

#3 You’re overly trusting

Optimists also tend to think the best of others. This is a great trait but it’s also one that can potentially be exploited – so it is another Achilles’ heel for the positive types out there!

#4 You take the flack so that others don’t have to

If you can associate with the following scenario, then you’re almost definitely an optimist.

Have you ever been out at an event or visiting somewhere, when something goes wrong? Then, instead of telling everyone and spreading the problem around to lighten the burden, you decide to deal with it entirely on your own and in secret. Why? Because if you tell the rest, they’ll be sad and stressed for the rest of this nice day out. You can handle it on your own because you’re enough of an optimist to not let it get you down!

#5 You take risks

Optimists are far more likely to take risks which is simply down to the fact that they see the odds as stacked in their favor more than other people do. Thus it is the optimist who launches a business when everyone else says it won’t work, or who walks up to that attractive member of the opposite sex and asks for their number.

This sounds like a potential flaw again for the optimist but in fact it’s normally a great thing. As any investor knows, taking risks is the best way to get the biggest pay days!

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