Three Key Ways to Move Your Relationship Forward

As you look ahead and plan out your life, it may be necessary to establish what form your current relationship might take. Although there are many differences in opinion concerning how to move forward in a relationship, several key principles remain. This article outlines a number of key steps you can take to move your relationship onto the next stage.

Discuss the Future

Many couples stick to vague plans and discussions, which can lead to arguments as expectations differ down the road. Be direct and discuss where you would both like to be in five and ten years’ time. This should include career, children, and travel. It may also include discussion of where you would like to live and in what type of house. It is important in this time to be open and honest about your fears and trepidations – don’t hide any concerns that you have. Rather, use the discussion time to address potential problems head on. If you find it difficult to have a frank discussion you could consider enlisting the help of a counselor. This could either be a trusted friend or a professional marriage counselor. A third person can help to guide you through difficult areas of discussion and ensure that you stay on track.

Step 1: Talk frankly about future goals

Discuss Finances

Since many couples’ problems stem from financial difficulties and disagreements, it is important to find ways to discuss this tricky topic in advance. By understanding what each other’s financial situation is before marriage it is possible to avoid potential problems and ensure that you are clear and frank about your future together. Having a mature discussion about finances can also enable you to budget effectively for the wedding and outline the expectations each has about what type of honeymoon you will have and how you will finance the wedding.

Step 2: Intentionally discuss finances

Set a Date for the Wedding

Provided that you are both in agreement about moving the relationship forward, you can discuss wedding plans. By setting a date for the wedding and signaling to others that you intend to marry it is easier to gain commitment from your partner. Since many wedding venues get booked up quickly, it is important to plan ahead and leave at least six months’ notice. It may be possible to obtain savings from the wedding venue through early discounts or booking in off-season months such as October and November.

Step 3: Finalize the wedding plans

Talk Is Essential

By covering these key areas it is possible to set a course for the next phase of your relationship and in so doing be as prepared as possible for what the future has in store. By tackling the areas where many couples experience difficulty, it is possible to build consensus and form concrete plans which can lead to a prosperous, happy life together. You should never postpone having a difficult conversation. By being proactive in your planning and openly discussing issues of mutual importance you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure that nasty surprises don’t derail your marriage. By following the steps outlined you can discuss your future life together in a reasonable, mature way and look forward to the exciting next phase of your partnership.

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