Spiritual Stress Symptoms

If the following symptoms occur on a regular basis then they could be stress related and it is advisable to seek medical advice:

  1. Experience a sense of inner emptiness.
  2. Life has no meaning.
  3. The future looks bleak.
  4. You are unforgiving.
  5. See very few positive things in life.
  6. Often a martyr.
  7. Frequently cynical.
  8. Feel apathetic.
  9. Have self-doubts about your work.
  10. Constantly need to prove yourself.
  11. Feel your life has been wasted.
  12. Hold no personal beliefs.
  13. Look for “magic solutions” to problems.
  14. Doubt your ability to succeed.
  15. Feel little obligation to others.
  16. Have a morbid fear of death.

These cover some, but not all symptoms that may be related to spiritual stress.

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