Dealing With the Boss From Hell

Is your workplace stressful? Perhaps you have the boss from hell.

There are several variations. Possibly the worst type is the boss that belittles and blames their employees at every opportunity.

Some do it loudly, shouting and rampaging around the workplace, while others do it with subtle put-downs and innuendos.

Either way, the result for the workplace is that employees are placed under a great deal of stress and often go home miserable.

Sadly, it can also result in disharmony between employees as people who are blamed and belittled tend to begin doing it to others to deflect attention.

How do you deal with a boss like that?

Ideally, you find another workplace. Life’s too short, as they say.

Unfortunately, in the current financial climate, jobs are not as plentiful as they have been in recent years.

Don’t let that stop you from looking around but in the meantime:

Don’t copy the behaviour of your boss.

Be pleasant and polite and don’t let him/her “engage” you in battle.

Often, this is precisely what they want – a battle. They’re often the proverbial “drama queen” type.

If you don’t feed their need, there’s a good chance you’ll reduce the frequency of the “attacks”. That doesn’t mean you can’t state your point or stand up for yourself – just do it in a dignified and calm fashion.

Try not to make the workplace even more stressful by taking things out on your colleagues.

Develop some solidarity with them if possible.

If your boss is the “tirade” type and you’re brave enough, tell your boss politely that their behaviour is inappropriate for a workplace.

Keep your calm at all times – this shows up their lack of professionalism.

Sometimes, nobody has ever drawn attention to their behaviour before and you may give them something to think about.

Is it worth suing an employer for harassment? Most people who leave an unpleasant workplace environment simply want to move on and begin enjoying their life again.

If you are suing your employer you are still “engaging” them in battle. They are likely to be less stressed by the process than you are – and if you lose, you’ll have created a monster.

On the other hand, there are situations where an employee feels they must take the employer to task, often for the sake of other employees.

It’s really a personal choice but you should consider how stressful you will find the process.

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