Living Alone After a Relationship Breakdown


“Following three months with [girlfriend] I must now readjust to living alone again. These notes are written to give me the reassurance to work through the transition period: 1. You will recover! This is a fundamental truth. Your past experience confirms it. It may take one month or it may take six but you will recover the peace and tranquility you enjoyed prior to the relationship. 2...

How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship


Being in a relationship, particularly a new or developing one, should be a happy time. Getting to know each other and spending time together is exciting and is what many of us describe as the ‘honeymoon period’ of a blossoming romance. However a relationship separated by a long distance can be very frustrating and challenging. It can be hard to feel that your relationship is...

When Your Child Won’t Let You See Your Grandchildren


Being estranged from one’s grown up children is hard enough, but when that also means losing your grandchildren the pain can be unbearable. Thankfully, there are ways of fighting back – including legal ones. Becoming Estranged People become cut off from their grandchildren for all sorts of reasons. Often, it is the child’s partner who causes the problems, sometimes as a form of...

Turning an Acquaintance Into a Friend


In one’s childhood and teens, friends come and go. Once you reach your thirties and forties, however, close, intimate friendships can be harder to find. The key is learning how to transform a casual acquaintance into something deeper and longer lasting. The Problem Of course, meeting new people is relatively easy. Even making friends is easy (if there is one thing the 21st-century produces...

When Your Partner Lies About Their Debts


No matter what sort of relationship you are in, trust is vital. Once trust is gone, it can be very hard to recover. And that is true not only of infidelity and drug use but also of money. Indeed, debt, especially when hidden, often destroys relationships altogether. Why People Get Into Debt People get into debt for all sorts of reasons. One of the problems with life in a materialistic society is...

How to Choose the Right Gift for Someone


Choosing the right presents can feel like a challenge at times. Christmas and birthdays are the perfect opportunity to spoil your friends and family and show you care. At the same time though, if you are not confident about choosing the right present, it can feel pressured and difficult. And surprisingly, it can often be especially difficult buying for a partner or a close friend. If you know...

How to Get Over a Relationship Breakdown in Six Stages


Few experiences are so painful as the breakdown of a relationship. In many respects, the pain is similar to bereavement. As with bereavement, someone you loved, trusted, and knew intimately has been torn from your life. But you are not the first to endure this pain. Most people have been there at some point, struggling to deal with the shame, the heartbreak, and the fear that they are destined to...

Nine Inexpensive Date Ideas for Summer


Summer is a great season for dating. It’s an especially good time for those people who want to save money while impressing that special person. Whether you’re taking a new person out on the town or you’re heading out with your long-time significant other, you can have an awesome time without going too far in the hole. Here are nine cheap date ideas to keep you in the black this summer. 1...

How to Make New Friends at University


Starting university can be a very daunting time; leaving home and moving into a new room, potentially moving to a new city and starting to study a difficult topic. On top of this, many new students worry about the prospect of leaving school friends behind and starting to make new acquaintances. Meeting new people can often seem daunting which can lead to feelings of isolation and contribute to...

How to Have a Civilized Divorce


When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling” but remained good friends, it was greeted with much sniggering and ridicule. Yet, however irritating the phrase may have been, such a calm, even affectionate, divorce is possible. Of course, there are frequently good reasons for anger and hatred; abuse, neglect, and infidelity leave scars that last...

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a consultant specializing in the social-personality psychology. His publications include magazine chapters, articles and self-improvement books on CBT for anxiety, stress and depression. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about political and social history.

*The views expressed by Mr. Goddard in this column are his own, are not made in any official capacity, and do not represent the opinions of his employers.