Considering Marriage Counseling – Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask


If you and your partner are going through a rough patch in your relationship, you may be considering marriage counseling. In many cases the intervention of a qualified marriage counselor can save the day, and many unhappy marriages have been turned around with the help of a qualified independent professional. Even so, not every marriage counselor will be up to the task, and it is important to...

Top Signs Your Relationship Is Going to Last


Relationships come and go like the tides, and most of us will go through at least a few breakups before we finally find ‘the one’ who we end up staying with. This is all perfectly natural, but it can lead to us second guessing each new relationship we’re in as we wonder whether this is going to be another short lived one, or whether it really has the legs to go the distance…...

What’s Your Love Language? And How It May Be Ruining Your Relationships!


A love language might sound like a concept from teen fiction but in fact it comes from a 1995 non-fiction book by Gary Chapman. The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate was a popular book on relationships at the time and while it may be somewhat arbitrary in the advice it offers (as with many such books), it nevertheless raises an interesting idea that may be...

How to Help Someone Through a Breakup


Hearing that a close friend or relative is going through a breakup is upsetting for anyone and when it happens, the normal response is to be concerned and sorry for the person affected. Usually, we will send a text or pick up the phone and maybe try to involve them in more of what we’re doing in a bid to get them out of the house. But unfortunately, many of us will still somewhat miss the...

How to Know If Someone Is a True Friend


Most of us these days have thousands of friends on Facebook and Google+ and live in more densely populated communities than ever before. People are everywhere, and yet despite the sheer number of social contacts we have, studies suggest that our number of ‘true friends’ has generally decreased and that most of us don’t actually know many of these contacts terribly well. According to Dunbar’s Law...

How to Get Over a Relationship Breakdown in Six Stages


Few experiences are so painful as the breakdown of a relationship. In many respects, the pain is similar to bereavement. As with bereavement, someone you loved, trusted, and knew intimately has been torn from your life. But you are not the first to endure this pain. Most people have been there at some point, struggling to deal with the shame, the heartbreak, and the fear that they are destined to...

How to Change the Dynamic in Your Relationships


When I first started dating my long term girlfriend, my Mum gave me one very sound piece of advice which was to be careful how I acted early on in the relationship as it would end up setting a pattern for the rest of our time together. The way we acted in the first year, she warned, would create a ‘blueprint’ for our relationship and would decide the dynamic that we would follow for...

Why a Conflict Avoidant Attitude Might Be Ruining Your Relationship


One of the biggest warning signs you often see with a relationship, is when someone tells you that they ‘never argue’. They say this, and of course the assumption is among most of us that no arguments means no conflict which equals ideal relationship. That couple who shout at each other all the time though? Doomed, right? This makes sense on the surface and seems to be intuitive, but...

Is it Possible for a Guy and a Girl to ‘Just be Friends’?


It’s been said many times that it’s not possible for a guy and a girl to ‘just’ be friends, and many treat this as though it were commonly accepted knowledge. Yet look around, and you will see countless examples of precisely that happening. Most of us have at least a few friends of the opposite sex, so are we just odd? Is this just an incorrect interpretation of the situation? Or are those...

How to Stop Loving Someone


At some point we’ve all been in love someone that we shouldn’t be. Perhaps it’s an ex-partner, maybe it’s our boss, perhaps it’s a cousin (hey, I don’t judge), maybe it’s your girlfriend’s sister, maybe it’s your mate’s girlfriend… there are actually a whole plethora of people who are just off limits. In most cases it’s necessary to come to terms simply with the fact that we are never going to...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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