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» Coke's Original Recipe: Was There Really Cocaine in It?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/28/2016 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
Coca-Cola is an absolute giant when it comes to marketing. Few brands are so well recognized across the globe and the company has done a brilliant job in making itself hip, cool and even apparently healthy!

» Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/29/2014 | Coffee Tea | Rating:
Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen...

» 'Social Snacking' – Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely
By Juliette Siegfried | Published 01/21/2013 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
When friends – real, live friends, not "Facebook Friends" – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives...

» Despite 'Healthier' Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories
By Laurel Avery | Published 12/2/2012 | Nutrition | Rating:
A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies — at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants have upgraded their typical fries and burger fare...

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» How Close Are We to Slowing the Ageing Process?
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Aging | Unrated
During an interview on the BBC's Hardtalk show, anti-ageing researcher Aubrey de Grey was challenged by a journalist...

» Popular Science: A New World of Inspiration
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
The British biologist Richard Dawkins once remarked that his career had been more like a love affair than work, and that, like anyone in love, he longed to tell others...

» The Histrionic Personality Disorder
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Mental Health | Unrated
Have you ever met someone colorful and dramatic yet also calculating and insincere?

» The Human Genome Project and the Future of Medicine
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Medicine | Unrated
When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, many saw it as the beginning of a new age...

» How to Deal With Anger After Infidelity?
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
Along with pain and humiliation, infidelity also creates an enormous amount of anger...

» How to Deal With a Difficult or Bullying Boss
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/16/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
Dealing with anger and aggression is never pleasant. Unfortunately, many of us do so on a daily basis: in shop queues, traffic jams, packed commuter trains, even the family home...

» The Black Death: Europe's Armageddon
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/13/2018 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
In recent years, there have been dire warnings of antibiotic resistance and uncontrollable pandemics. And the general public would be wise to listen...

» Goals to Set When the Children Leave Home
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/13/2018 | Goal Setting | Unrated
For some, the day their child leaves home is the worst of their life, for others the best!

» Adjusting to a Step-Parent
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/13/2018 | Parenting | Unrated
No matter what your age, when a parent remarries it can be difficult to accept and adjust...

» The Difference Between Sadism and Masochism
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/13/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
Few personality traits are so puzzling, or so disturbing, as sadism and masochism...

» Do All Foster Kids Have Issues?
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/10/2018 | Parenting | Unrated
Adopting a child can be tricky and demanding. It can also be immensely rewarding. As people live longer, and go through several marriages, raising other people's children may also become more common...

» The Family-Run Business and Its Problems
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/10/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
Most people trapped in dull, unfulfilling careers dream of starting their own business...

» Health Freak: Addicted to Healthy Living
By Mark Goddard | Published 02/10/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
You can hardly open a magazine or reach the end of a chat show without someone urging you to get fit, lose weight, or try the latest superfood...

» The Psychology of Nationalism
By Mark Goddard | Published 01/25/2018 | Psychology | Unrated
If the 20th century has just one lesson to teach, it must surely be the power and danger of nationalism...

» Are You Addicted to Internet Pornography?
By Mark Goddard | Published 01/25/2018 | Recovery Addiction | Unrated
According to the writer Gary Wilson, author of Your Brain on Porn, not only is internet pornography addictive, it can also cause erectile dysfunction and leave men bored and unaroused by their partner...

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