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» Coke's Original Recipe: Was There Really Cocaine in It?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/28/2016 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
Coca-Cola is an absolute giant when it comes to marketing. Few brands are so well recognized across the globe and the company has done a brilliant job in making itself hip, cool and even apparently healthy!

» Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/29/2014 | Coffee Tea | Rating:
Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen...

» 'Social Snacking' – Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely
By Juliette Siegfried | Published 01/21/2013 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
When friends – real, live friends, not "Facebook Friends" – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives...

» Despite 'Healthier' Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories
By Laurel Avery | Published 12/2/2012 | Nutrition | Rating:
A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies — at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants have upgraded their typical fries and burger fare...

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» What Are the Health Benefits of Apricot Kernels?
By Dr. Everett Derrickson | Published Today | Nutrition | Unrated
Do a Google search for the benefits of apricot kernels and the top result (currently) reads: ‘Apricot Seeds: Fight Cancer or Too Dangerous?’

» What Is Torula Yeast?
By Dr. Everett Derrickson | Published Today | Food Drink | Unrated
Torula yeast is a specific type of yeast that is more technically known as candida utilis. This is now a popular food additive but has also been the subject of some controversy…

» The Role of Lactic Acid in Energy Production
By Dr. Everett Derrickson | Published Yesterday | Bodybuilding | Unrated
If you’re familiar with ‘the burn’ in the gym, then that means you’ve met lactic acid. But have you ever stopped to consider just what exactly lactic acid is, or how it might be hindering or helping your performance?

» The Critical Health Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors
By Dr. Everett Derrickson | Published 01/11/2017 | Fitness Wellness | Unrated
Remember when your Mum used to tell you to ‘go outside and play’?

» Causes of Low Libido in Women and How to Combat It
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 01/8/2017 | Womens Health | Unrated
Low libido is a problem that often doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. There are several reasons for this. One is that we generally don’t like the idea of talking about our sex lives and that even includes speaking about it with our doctors...

» Symptoms of Low Testosterone and How to Combat It
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 01/8/2017 | Mens Health | Unrated
Low testosterone is something that is absolutely crippling for a huge number of men around the world. According to ABC News, a shocking 24% of men suffer with this condition and when you look at the older portion of the population...

» The Danger of Seeking Perfection in Relationships
By Mark Goddard | Published 01/5/2017 | Relationships | Unrated
It is now possible to buy T-shirts with the words "still lonely and single – I blame Disney!" printed on the front. Of course, for Disney you could substitute "Hollywood movies", "trashy romantic novels"...

» Coping With Your Partner's Family
By Mark Goddard | Published 01/5/2017 | Relationships | Unrated
Most relationships involve not only a new partner but a whole new family. Sometimes people are lucky and grow to love and cherish these new people in their life; sometimes, however...

» How to Forget Someone: Ways to Forget People You Loved and Move on With Life
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/2/2017 | Psychology | Unrated
Getting over someone is one of the hardest things we often have to do but is also very important for our psychological health...

» Understanding and Overcoming Victim Mentality
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/20/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
When people are going through a difficult period in their lives, it can be very hard for outsiders to offer critical advice...

» How to Effectively Use Reverse Psychology in Relationships
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/20/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
Reverse psychology is a popular technique that can be used to influence the decisions of friends, relatives and partners without them even being aware...

» Is the Butterfly Effect Real?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/20/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
The butterfly effect is a theory from chaos theory that suggests that even the tiniest event can have far-reaching implications that end up altering the course of history and the state of our lives...

» White Knight Syndrome – The Need to Fix Your Partner
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/20/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
Have you ever felt the need to wade in and rescue your partner?

» Understanding and Developing Emotional Intimacy
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/14/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
It’s amazing that you can be surrounded by friends, by loved ones and even by a loving romantic partner and still sometimes lack true intimacy in your life...

» How to Overcome Adversity
By Adam Sinicki | Published 12/7/2016 | Psychology | Unrated
That’s a pretty tall order for a single article and not something that we can ever degree with any certainty...

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