How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think


Life can be hard enough without always worrying about what other people think. How can you ever expect to relax if you are constantly concerned about how others are viewing you? It’s time to take a step back and look at how much the opinions of other people or your perceived ideas of how they are viewing you are affecting your daily life and your overall standard of living. If you are living your...

Why Kids Curse – How to Stop Kids From Cursing and Swearing


One day your sweet and innocent little child is going to open its mouth and instead of the language of a child, you will hear a profanity. Your child will not understand the meaning of the word, but they will know that it is a word that they have heard and feel confident in repeating. It is how you react to your child using adult language that sets the tone for how things will continue. In years...

Facing Serious Illness When You Have No One to Support You


At the back of most people’s mind lurks a dark fear: that of being both seriously ill and totally alone. Indeed, we spend much of our lives trying to avoid such a fate. It explains why people rush into bad marriages, for example, have children they may not really want and put up with friends they no longer like. Abandonment People who never married, or never had children, assume that those...

What Is the ‘Helper’s High’?


Mother Teresa may get a lot of credit for being saintly in her commitment to helping others in a selfless manner but when you look at her psychology from a scientific perspective… she was probably just a junkie. Okay, so that’s a little extreme but it got your attention, right? While anyone who dedicates their life to helping others should be commended for their efforts (and Mother Teresa...

Understanding the Hedonic Treadmill – Can We Never Be Happy?


“Some go fishing all their lives without realizing it’s not fish they are after” – Henry David Thoreau Do you ever get a feeling that you will never quite be happy? That you are constantly running on a treadmill and never really going nowhere? Well you’re probably not alone. In fact this is probably the feeling that is most worthy of the title ‘the human...

Psychological Stress – It’s All in the Mind


Too often we overlook the critical role that our psychology plays in our health and our physiology. When people tell us that our wellbeing and performance are very much a result of our mental state, we might dismiss them as being ‘hippies’ or as just reading too much self-help. But really the control that our mental state has over our physiology is something that cannot be overstated...

What Is Ideasthesia?


If you’ve ever heard of the term ‘synesthesia’, then it will be easier for you to grasp the concept of ideasthesia. In synesthesia, someone with the condition (known as a synesthete), will have the subjective experience of senses ‘bleeding’ into one another. In other words, they might find that hearing music leads to them seeing color or that seeing colors makes them...

When Your Child Is Assaulted


At the back of every parent’s mind lurks a dark fear. They bring a child into the world, watch it grow, and love it more than they can bear. And yet they also know that as the years pass that child will move further out into the world, a world in which assault is a real possibility. Different Forms of Assault Assault takes many forms. The most obvious example is school bullying. In some...

When You Discover Drugs in Your Child’s Bedroom


Most parents worry that their child will experiment with drugs. But you mustn’t overreact. Countless teenagers go through a drug’s phase and emerge unharmed. If you’ve discovered a cannabis joint or bag of cocaine, you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Initial Reaction Imagine the scene. You are hoovering your daughter’s bedroom and accidentally knock...

Surviving the Emotional Stress of Bankruptcy


Going bankrupt is not only scary but humiliating: shattering self-esteem, affecting relationships and even triggering depression. But it needn’t be the end. On the contrary, it can mark the beginning of a new life – sometimes a better one. The Circumstances Of course, people go bankrupt for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is self-inflicted, sometimes not. Sometimes they deserve their...

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a consultant specializing in the social-personality psychology. His publications include magazine chapters, articles and self-improvement books on CBT for anxiety, stress and depression. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about political and social history.

*The views expressed by Mr. Goddard in this column are his own, are not made in any official capacity, and do not represent the opinions of his employers.