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Should You Still Eat Your Food If a Fly Lands on It?


There are a few things that we find rather gross and off putting that can happen to our food. One of the biggest and most disturbing is when an insect of some sort or another lands on it; one of the worst culprits here being the common housefly. They’re everywhere and easy to come by, but unfortunately they’re also particularly disgusting what with being all hairy, crawly and...

An Introduction to Your Cells and How to Improve Cell Health


Looking after your health is not just a matter of looking after your organs and muscles. While these macroscopic structures are crucial to your general health and wellbeing, they themselves are dependent on much tinier, microscopic elements. Microscopic cells make up every structure in the human body and if these aren’t functioning correctly, then neither will any single organ, muscle or...

What Is the Best Position for Sleeping?


Our sleep is something that many of us don’t give enough attention to. Our tendency is to assume that our health issues and other problems are caused by problems in our waking life; that diet, exercise and other active solutions hold the answer. In fact, getting better sleep can improve your waking life in a myriad of potent ways. Sleep helps you to build more strength, lose more weight...

5 Health Tips That Are Good for the Planet as Well


Making sure to look after your health is incredibly important and you shouldn’t need any extra motivation to do so. Improve your health and you’ll reduce pain and discomfort, upgrade your performance in sports and athletics, increase your attractiveness, become more effective and productive and have far more energy and enthusiasm for life in general. But that’s not to say that...

Things Your Mum Taught You About Health… That Turned Out to Be Wrong


When you’re young it can seem as though everything your parents say is gospel. They are older, wiser and they have nothing but your health and wellbeing in mind. Thus they taught us many things about health and hygiene in a bid to help us live long, healthy lives and to avoid getting ill or overweight. And we took all this advice on board and for the most part never questioned it… And...

Got a Cold? Here’s How to Know If You Should Go Into Work or Call in Sick


Getting a cold is stressful. Not only because it makes you feel rubbish and prevents you from doing the things you want to do but also because it creates something of a moral dilemma when it comes to whether or not you should head into work. Sometimes this decision can actually get quite stressful… On the one hand, going into work is the conscientious thing to do, it will look better and...

Francis Horton