AuthorJim Neill

If You Don’t Sweat During Exercise, Is It A Waste Of Time?


You always hear the old adage, “lets go exercise and work up a good sweat” like sweating is a sign that you’ve had a good, productive workout. But what if you exercise and you don’t really sweat during the workout? Was that workout a lost cause? Does it mean you just didn’t exercise long or hard enough for it to be a productive workout? Well let’s examine the...

Energy, How Does My Body Get It And How Does It Use It?


Many times people will ask an energetic person they know, where do you get all that energy from?? We just assume they simply have an overactive and limitless supply of energy which we are just not capable of having ourselves. We may ask ourselves, why is it that when I exercise I seem to run out of gas and get tired after thirty minutes but that guy over there seems to be able to keep at it for...

Being Thin And Being Lean: Is There A Difference?


Often people will look at a thin person and think to themselves; now that person is nice and lean. But is that really always the case? Does being thin have a direct relationship with being lean? In order to answer these questions we must examine what it means to be thin versus what it means to be lean. Now you can define being thin as having a small circumference size. This would be denoted by...

Can a 30 Minute Workout Really Work?


If you talk to almost anyone who goes to the gym to workout and ask them how long a good workout usually takes, they will often answer with; “it takes a good hour to get in a good workout”, or even; “if I don’t spend 1 ½ to 2 hours in the gym, I just don’t get enough from my workout”. Based on these kinds of typical responses, you can imagine how surprised many...

Jim Neill