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Female Hair Loss


Whoever you are, hair loss is no laughing matter and is a quick way to look older and to feel less attractive. Unfortunately for men hair loss and eventually baldness is often a reality and something that many have to face, however for women this is thought to be much more unusual meaning that most will be spare from its effects, but meaning that those who do suffer with it will feel even more...

Ways to Reverse Hair Loss


Male pattern baldness is very common, with an estimated 40 million men in the United States being affected by it in some degree. A quarter of men begin balding by the age of 20, and two out of three men being balding by age 60. Both parents contribute to their offspring’s likelihood of baldness. Studies put the odds of getting a genetic predisposition to baldness at 4 out of 7. With such a large...

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Hair


Taking care of your hair is one aspect you have to look into if you are thinking of possibilities for preventing hair loss. It is connected to a variety of factors, such as genetics, diet, or disease. For a longer period of time this will assist your hair to remain healthy. Natural resources Making sure to receive your hair the right amount of nutrients is the first way in which you can take care...

Why Plugged Hair Follicles Thin Your Hair and What You Can Do


Losing your hair to where it thins or you become bald does not have to happen. Just by understanding why your hair falls out and thins allows you to take counter measures. Discover what counter measures you need to take to keep your hair full, thick, or from thinning. There are various ways to keep your hair clean, shiny, and thick. If you still have hair and want to keep it or if your hair is...

Rudy Silva

Rudy Silva

Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics from the San Jose State University and is a Nutritional Consultant, a graduate from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition.

For the last seventeen years, he has been helping people understand nutrition and teaching them what to eat for good health. He's author of over 40 e-books on natural remedies.

He now lives in the Surigao City in the Philippines where he works with a group of computer assistance in creating and writing natural remedies e-book and paperback books for Kindle and other online stores.

His concentration is in finding and using natural remedies that help to reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation and give good health. He is also a nutritionist that helps people in the Philippines gain better health.

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