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Feeding Ragdoll Cats and Kittens


Feeding ragdoll cats and kittens is like feeding any cat and is highly important for the health and happiness of your pet. It is crucial to ensure that your cat gets a balances and nutritious diet in order to ensure that it is illness free, that it has healthy fur and skin, and that it has a long and happy life. Here we will look at how to select food for your ragdoll cat or kitten and how to...

Hand Feeding Baby Parrots


Usually, baby parrots that are going to be placed in homes are taken from their nests quite early, in fact as early as a few days old and then hand fed. Most of the time, they are not place with new owners until they are eating on their own but there are some exceptions. In some cases a person just wants to hand feed his/her own bird. In other cases there may be one or two baby parrots in the...

Raw Chicken for Dogs


There are more and more pet owners today turning to a raw diet for their dogs. Why is this? Generally it is because they would like to see their dog eat something that is more like what he would typically eat in the wild. It is also because more people are becoming aware of the poor nutritional value of many of the commercial dog food brands today. Unless you buy a high end dog food that has no...

How to Add Bran to a Dog’s Diet


If your dog is having problems with their digestion then adding bran to their diet is a popular fix. Bran is a natural substance made of the pieces of wheat kernels that are usually sifted out of flour. It is very high in fibre and this means that it can pass through the digestive tract and ‘clear out’ blockages and problems along the way. This also means that bran can have a range of...

Green Iguana Diet – Feeding Your Iguana


Green iguanas, like us, are omnivores, which means they can eat pretty much anything. Specifically it means that they can eat both plants and animals and thus the green iguana diet is neither wholly carnivorous nor herbivorous. When keeping green iguana then, you have the slight advantage of being able to feed your pet a great variety of different foods. However at the same time an omnivorous...

The Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog


Dog’s will eat anything, and once you give them their dinner they certainly won’t stop eating until you take it away again. While it’s great that they aren’t fussy eaters, and it makes for a pretty cheap date, it’s also not the greatest trait in terms of their survival and it means that it’s up to us to prevent them from eating anything that could cause them harm. Your dog might be looking at you...

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?


There are as many as 16 different species of rabbits; the most common being is the eastern cottontail. There are many people who have off late started keeping wild rabbits as pets. The question that bothers them is what these wild rabbits eat, because whatever they are presented with they would hog on anything and everything. So, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand what...

Ingredients to Avoid in Dog Food


For many years, most dog owners have fed their dogs whatever their vets recommended or what commercials on TV advertised as being the best for their pets. After the dog food scare involving China was exposed, dog owners have begun questioning their brand of dog food and what exactly is in it. The findings can be disturbing. Dog owners need to take responsibility for what they feed their dogs and...

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