Caring for Your Eyelashes!

The tiny delicate hairs of your eyelashes protect your eyes; hence care should be taken to maintain them very well.

General tips for everyday eyelash care

• Thoroughly clean your face including the eye area before going to bed every night.

• Use cleansers specially recommended for eyes or even baby oil and clean the eyes gently with the sponge to remove any dust or makeup.

• Use vaseline to moisturize the eyelashes and improve its health. Make sure that it does not enter the eyes.

• Avoid plucking or waxing the eyelash area.

• Never use soap on to clean your eyelashes.

Eyelash curling

• Curling your eyelashes makes it seem longer and also make the eyes look bright and larger.

• Clean the lashes before using the eyelash curler. Clam the curler down firmly and close the base for about 5 seconds and then release it gently.

• Replace eyelash curlers every 2 – 3 months if you use on a regular basis. You would reduce the possibilities of infection and contamination drastically.

• You can use a hair dryer under the curler but make sure that the hot air does not strain the eyelashes or burn it due to excessive heat.


• This is used on the eyelashes before applying makeup. It makes the tiny hairs look thicker and longer.

• The primer is usually a white colour liquid and may be available separately or come with mascara.

• You need to necessarily wipe the wand with a clean tissue before applying the cream to the lashes.

• For best results, start at the base as close as possible to the eye lid and then give a zigzag motion upwards till the end of the lashes.

• The lashes have to be fully coated with the primer and become dry before applying the rest of the makeup.


• Applying the right colour eyeliner on the outer rim of the eyelid make the lashes seem longer.

• Never apply it in the inner part that touches the eye as the chemicals used may cause irritation.

• Use the eyeliner sparingly as a thin line as close as possible to the base of the lashes.


• The mascara wand should be cleaned with a tissue before applying to the lashes. This would avoid clumping of the liquid while applying.

• You can apply at least two coats of mascara for best results. The first coat should become fully dry before you apply the next.

• An eyelash comb on the final coat will give the necessary finishing touch. An eyelash comb removes excess makeup and clumps on the lashes and makes it look more defined.

• Use waterproof mascara to strengthen eyelashes.

Dyeing eyelashes

• In case you want to dye your eyelashes, contact a professional instead of trying it on your own.

Fake eyelashes

• Make sure that you use good quality eyelash extensions and ensure that you are not allergic to the eyelashes.

• Remove your eyelash extensions and the makeup when not necessary.

• Fake eyelashes should be removed by dissolving the adhesive in baby oil or vaseline.

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  1. I feel that there should be more of natural things that you could do to look after your eyelashes, than doing things that would only seem like you have beautiful eyelashes.

    As a reader I would like to see ideas that don't include mascara because a lot of people apply mascara to their eyelashes these days, but still feel that there should be something else done to improve the care of eyelashes.

    Thank you!

  2. I love natural methods!! I use anything that can help. Coconut oil is the must for so many things. As for my eyelashes, I indeed forgot about mascara when I started to use Cherish Lash conditioner. My eyelashes grew so long and even a bit curly, – I am happy to wear less make up now. :))

    1. I agree. I used the same brand but Cherish Brow – it’s for the eyebrows. They grew quicker so quickly, was pleasant not to have any problems with that ))

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